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EzzyBills User Guide

Simpro integration

Simpro press release – April 2021

EzzyBills is fully integrated with Simpro. We automate the processing of bills, contractor invoices, project manager approval (or PO creator approval), job expenses, and more.

I. Watch video

Invoice Automation to Simpro via EzzyBills

II. User Guides

III. Standard workflows for Simpro

EzzyBills workflows are a powerful tool to handle different document and different processing tasks. For Simpro users, you can use any of the EzzyBills system workflows below:

For each EzzyBills account, there can be only one “Active” workflow (active = default). You can set any of them as the “Active” one. The non-active ones can be used with special email upload address

IV. Approval workflows

For approval, you can combine any of the workflows above with

  • a standard EzzyBills approval of one or multiple levels, or
  • using the “Simpro Project Manager Approval workflow” (which is for processing a bill to a matching PO + project manager approval/PO creator approval)
  • Email to for help.

V. Matching bills with a purchase order (PO), work order, or job

Each workflow in Section III contains a workflow task to find a matching PO, work order or job. If no match can be found or the status of the matching one is not right, we will pause the processing, emailing to notify you.

It can be any of the reasons below, in term of PO matching:

  • the matching PO does not existing in Simpro yet, or 
  • the invoice contains an incorrect PO number, or 
  • there is no PO number on the invoice, or
  • the PO number is not extracted

You will see an error message in EzzyBills (screenshot below).

For matching work order, or job, you can use the similar methods to resolve any matching issue.

VI. Switch workflows

During the approval, you can switch workflows. For example to switch from a PO check workflow to other workflows that contain the same approval tasks.

During the task of check PO exist, check contract order, or assign job, if the processing is paused by EzzyBills and waiting for actions, you can switch workflows.

During the exporting Simpro, if a wrong workflow is used and therefore the processing is paused due to errors (for example a job costing workflow shall be used, not the PO Check workflow), you can switch the workflow.

VII. Additional feature: Checking before Exporting

EzzyBills has two additional workflow tasks that you can add to your existing active workflow. With them, you can set up rules so that some bills will wait for your approval before exporting to Simpro. You can pick and choose the rules that you want.  If you need new rules, contact our  find out more 

VIII. FAQ for Simpro users 

  1. How to handle one line having no tax, whilst all other lines do (eg. credit card surcharge)?  Answer: for the line without tax,  you will need to set up an item in Simpro, specifying the purchase tax code as “FRE (0%)”.  screenshot
    • Note: Simpro applies a tax per your item setup – not done by EzzyBills. For many of Simpro users, the default is having tax. You should specify purchase tax code as “Fre (0%)” for those items that do not have tax
  2. How should I handle freight – should I include it on the purchase order as a separate line with item code? Answer: not recommended. (So, during receipting, EzzyBills/Simpro will create a separate Freight charge under the table.) When transferring the receipt to Xero from Simpro, the Freight is exported as an additional line.
  3. How to tell EzzyBills to not mark items as “received”?  Answer: turn on  Settings > Advanced Options > “Don’t set items as received“.
  4. What to do when a supplier uses one single item code?

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