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EzzyBills User Guide

05. Sales Invoices to QuickBooks

I. How to process sale invoices?

II. Invoice due date (xero)

We use the due date settings in your accounting software, in the order below:

  1. Default payment term setting for each customer in QuickBooks (Payments > Terms),
  2. QuickBooks default setting for sale invoice format (Account and Settings > Sales > “Preferred invoice terms” ),
  3. If both not set, use EzzyBills default of 14 days.

III. Sale invoice example

Screenshot below is an example Sales Invoice exported to Xero by EzzyBills: all lines are extracted, with original invoice sent to Xero as an attachment.

Note: to let EzzyBills to use Product/Service code, you will need to enable the EzzyBills Settings > “Advanced Options” > tick “Allow Stock Invoices“.

IV. Sale invoice number

Sale invoice number is optional in QuickBooks. If you enable it, EzzyBills will export the sale invoice number.

  • By default, we will use the invoice number from the invoice.
  • Alternatively, you can let QuickBooks to automatically generate a number. Required setting change in EzzyBills: Settings > “Advanced Options” > tick “Automatically generate Sale Invoice Numbers”.

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