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EzzyBills User Guide

Triumph Integration

1. Connect EzzyBills with Triumph

Login EzzyBills, click Apps, then click the Triumph icon. Scroll down to see Settings.

The settings require four parameters to be able to connect to Triumph.

  • Triumph Host    (it is the web address, after you login to your Triumph account)
  • Username   (your username for Triumph)
  • Password  (your password for Triumph)
  • Workstation  (manually enter “WEB-Client”)

2. Set up a Triumph workflow in EzzyBills

The workflow will contain three workflow tasks:  1) “pre-extract”, 2)”Extract” & 3)”Triumph Export” (in the right order)

  • Login to EzzyBills, click Workflow.
  • In the workflow page, click “New“. “Choose a Workflow to Create” > select “Empty Workflow“.
  • Find the each three tasks (enter the name in “Choose a Task”, select it) and then connect them together with arrows (using your computer mouse: left click at the anchor point of one workflow task, hold and let go when reaching the anchor point of the next task). Click Save above.

3. Set up a Triumph workflow in EzzyBills

Now, you can upload an invoice to EzzyBills: click Dashboard, and drag/drop/select an invoice or multiple invoices from your computer, or email to EzzyBills.

The invoices are exported to Triumph’s Creditor Batch Invoicing. From there, the invoices can be approved within Triumph.

4. An example invoice exported to Triumph by EzzyBills

All invoice data, including lines details are exported. The invoice file is attached.

Invoice header data exported to Triumph:

Invoice lines details exported to Triumph:

Invoice file is also attached in the “Documents” tab.

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