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EzzyBills User Guide

Q55: How to review bills or expenses in QuickBooks?

I. Use “Review” in EzzyBills

QuickBooks Online does not have folders to organize expenses. In order to help our QuickBooks customers, EzzyBills has an additional workflow, called Enable Review. It is a post review, after the bills being sent to QuickBooks.

Enable post “review”

  • Go to EzzyBills SettingsApproval & Expenses. Turn on “Enable Approval Workflow” and you will see this option. Tick it and click “Save Settings”.
  • If you do not need “Enable Approval Workflow”, which is approval before exporting to QuickBooks, then untick it and click “Save Settings” (the review setting then becomes invisible, but still there).

Conduct post review on a regular basis

After you upload a batch of bills or on weekly basis, go to EzzyBills > Search/Approve > Waiting For Review.

You will see all bills you processed:

  • click the QuickBooks link to review in QuickBooks (left column)
  • then select the bill and click Close Review button to close the review (highlighted red on screenshot below) .
  • we recommend you do this on a regular basis, such as weekly.

II. Use Memo field in QuickBooks

There is another great way to organize and review transactions in QuickBooks: use the QuickBooks MEMO field, and the filter and sort ability.

Enable MEMO field in QuickBooks display

  • In QuickBooks Expense, you can filter and sort the transactions there. Practically the only way to organise the expense tab.
  • You can add additional field, MEMO, as a display column (screenshot below, top right corner – gear icon).
  • Currently EzzyBills put DocID in the MEMO field (screenshot below)

Enter special letter(s) in MEMO to indicate Status

  • When you review a bill in QuickBooks, type in letter “X” in the memo field when it is done.  (You can put “A” for approved, or “R” for reviewed. Whatever you like – but be consistent.)

Put letter(s) Suffix in QuickBooks Supplier data

  • For those suppliers, for which EzzyBills always get the data correctly and no review is required, you can put “X” in the supplier data, we will be able to put it in the Memo field automatically.
  • Next time, in QuickBooks Expense, you sort the transactions by Memo (perhaps also filter by dates), you won’t need to review anything with a “X”.
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