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EzzyBills User Guide

Invoice lines data extraction

I. EzzyBills Settings:

Default setting: line details are extracted

By default, EzzyBills extracts line details from your invoices.

Disable line extraction

Turn on this EzzyBills setting: Settings > Advanced Options > “Invoice Headers Only“.

To disable line extraction for only certain supplier invoices: email to

II. View/modify line details that EzzyBills extracted

To view line details that EzzyBills extracted on any document you uploaded:

  • Login > Dashboard (or “Search/Approve‘)
  • Find the document, click “log” > “View Invoice Data“.
  • (alternatively, you can see the lines that are exported to your accounting/job-management software.)

You can modify line details during approval:

  • Click the modification link on the approval request (either via email or web portal)
  • Click “Show Table” to expand then modify. For account codes, you can modify on the invoice level, which will be applied to all lines, or on the line levels.

III. With correct settings, yet lines are not extracted. Why?

There are several common reasons. The lines on the invoice are in an unusual format. The PDF files may be in a unusual format. Or the sum of line total (or tax) are not the same as the invoice total (or tax) or it is not clear which lines are taxed or no tax. Or the scanned image files have a low image resolution and some of the key line data are not readable.

See the section below on how to get help from us.

IV. Let EzzyBills customize line extraction for you

If you need help from EzzyBills support team to customize data extraction for you, simply email to, referencing the DocID number of the document you uploaded.

Example cases are: 1) when lines are not extracted, or 2) the incorrect columns of data are extracted from the invoice table, 3)you would like a unique custom extraction (such as combining multiple columns of data from the invoice table to form a long description you need).

Generally, we will be able to add a learning rule to customize extraction from a specific supplier. It will only need to be done once for each supplier. We can also add a learning rule to apply to all your suppliers.

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