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EzzyBills User Guide

Drobbox integration

EzzyBills is integrated with Dropbox, for the purpose of I) pulling files from Dropbox to process, or II) export processed files to Dropbox.

I. Connect EzzyBills to your Dropbox

To setup and use, follow the simple steps below:

1) Login to EzzyBills, click Apps.

2) Click the “Drop Box” icon. Click “Connect”.

3) You will then be asked to login to your Dropbox, allowing EzzyBills to connect to your drop box. (To confirm: afterwards, click the “Drop Box” icon again and the “connect” button should have been changed to “disconnect #” button, where # is your email associated with Dropbox)

4) (Notes: after you have connected, in your Dropbox, EzzyBills will create 2 new folders: EzzyBillsUpload and EzzyBillsDone.) Drag some invoices files to the “EzzyBillsUpload” folder, they will automatically get uploaded to EzzyBills; afterwards, the files are moved to the EzzyBillsDone folder.

II. Export to Dropbox

If you want EzzyBills to export all files (bills, receipts etc.) you have uploaded to EzzyBills to your Dropbox, you can add the workflow task “Export Dropbox” to end of your workflow.

to do so, first create a new workflow by copying the existing one, rename it, and then add the task “Export Dropbox”. Then make the new workflow to be active if required.

[screenshot below: workflow with “Export Dropbox”]

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