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EzzyBills User Guide

Ascora Integration

User Guides for Ascora

  • The integration of EzzyBills & Ascora is done by by EzzyBills to automate the bill entry.
  • Ascora Integration User Guide PDF File
  • An example of bill exported to Ascora by EzzyBills (click to open in full image size).

Invoice due date:

EzzyBills reads suppliers’ payment terms in Ascora and set the due date based on that and the invoice date we extracted.

Job tracking (new as of Aug 2023)

  • EzzyBills can extracting the Job information from the bill using tracking keywords.
  • You can set during approval: click on “New Tracking” and enter the job manually.
  • You can also set the tracking by adding a note to the EzzyBills phone App before scanning (top right corner).

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