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EzzyBills User Guide

00. MYOB integration


EzzyBills is integrated with MYOB Business Accounting: including AccountRight and Essentials.

What is new?

Invoice file is attached to the bill that EzzyBills exports to MYOB

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Tips and Best Practice for MYOB users

  1. Go to EzzyBills Settings > under the tab “Approval & Expenses”: turn on “Enable Approval Workflow“.   (With this, you will need to approve invoice data before being export to MYOB. MYOB does not have a staging folder to hold draft invoices, and it does not allow you to change supplier name on a bill in MYOB. With approval in EzzyBills before export, we get around both issues).
  2. Add the ABN number to your key suppliers in your MYOB cards/contacts.


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