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EzzyBills User Guide

Invoice File Get Attached in MYOB

For bills, EzzyBills attaches the invoice file to the bills that EzzyBills created in your MYOB account.

For sale orders/quotes/invoices, there is no file attachment. However, the file URL is available in the notes/memo field – simply copy and past the file url into any web browser to view.

For MYOB Essentials:

For MYOB Essentials, once you open the bill in your account the attached document will be automatically displayed. (see screenshot below).

MYOB AccountRight

For MYOB AccountRight, you will need to click “Attachments” (see the yellow highlight) to see the documents with the invoice log included. (see screenshot below)

If you use EzzyBills Approval

If you use EzzyBills approval workflow, we will also attach the approval notes in a PDF file.   In MYOB Essentials, or the online version of MYOB AccountRight, only one of the files is shown; the one that is shown may not be the invoice file, which is not desirable.  So we add the option for you to turn off the attachment, or only attach the invoice file (the latter is recommended).

So, you will need to:

  • Go to EzzyBills: Workflow > click “MYOB Export” blue workflow task in the middle to select.
  • Scroll down and copy/paste the text below into the setting textbox, and then click Save. (screenshot)
  "state": 148,
  "keywords": [
      "name": "Attachments",
      "value": "Invoice"

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