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EzzyBills User Guide

12. Additional File Attachment to Xero

In addition to the invoice file,  EzzyBills can send extra files to Xero as attachment when processing an invoice.

This can be done via one of the methods below. Which method you use will depend on your workflow.

Method 1: use email alias “InvoiceWithAttachment

1.  Email both the invoice file and additional attachments in a single email, to,

  • where is your normal EzzyBills upload email address.
  • EzzyBills will determine which file is the invoice automatically. All files will be sent to Xero as attachment.
  • If there is only one file attachment in an email, we assume this file contains an invoice and additional information.
  • If there are multiple files in an email, we assume only one file contains an invoice, and all others are additional attachment. We do not allow multiple invoices in one file.

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Method 2: Manually attach extra files during approval

Settings requirement:

Tick “Enable Approval Workflow” in EzzyBills Settings (under “Approval & Expenses”).

Provide “Default Approver Email” in the setting if you know there is only one approver.

During approval on the web portal

Login EzzyBills, and click “Search/Approve Invoices” then “Waiting Approval“. Find the invoice and click the Approve link for this invoice. Then click “Attach File” to attach extra files.

During approval on the email approval

Upload invoices to EzzyBills, and send email approval requests manually or automatically to your approver. When the approver receive the email, she/he can click “Modify” button in the email, then click “Attach File” to attach extra files).

Attachment to Xero

After approval, at least three files attached to the bill in Xero (invoice, approval record, addition file).

Example scenarios:

Case A: Invoice will require an approval from Stock Manager, and at the time of approval, the Stock manager will attach the Delivery Docket.

Use Option 2


Case B: An invoice was emailed from a supplier to an EzzyBills client (You), with additional attachment such as Delivery Docket, or a compliance form. You forward the invoice to EzzyBills to process – you would like additional attachment sent to Xero.

Use Option 1


Case C: You are a bookkeeper for a business. You scan an invoice, along with a Quotation. You send them to EzzyBills, and would like the invoice to become a bill, and Quotation as additional attachment in Xero.

Use Option 1


Case D: All your AP emails are auto-forwarded to EzzyBills. Managers need to approve invoices before they are uploaded to Xero. At the time of approval, you sometimes would like to attach extra files to the invoice before sending it to a manager to approve.

Use Option 1. Attach the extra files yourself. The manager will see extra attachment links in the Approval Email.

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