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Recent tech updates

>> Tech Updates before 2023

Date: March & April 2 2024 EzzyBills Mobile App Updates

  • EzzyBills Mobile App for iPhone: 1)upload from gallery, 2)fix long username, 3)support dark mode, 4)handle offline scanning, 5) “Review Receipt” is now not blocking scanning (scan now and review later) t)save scanning history (20 per user account).
  • EzzyBills Mobile App for Android phones: 1)upload from gallery. Others are coming soon. You will need to manually update, for now (in Play Store, search “EzzyBills”, click EzzyBills icon, and click “Update”).

Date: March 2024

  • 1- Continuing improvement on EzzyBills AI Task Creation, with more example Tips. The tips will show you how to communicate with AI better.

  • 2- Switching workflows based on EzzyBills Contacts data can now be done without the need to add a switch workflow task. The “Extract” task now contains this setting: “User Supplier Workflows”, and you will need to set it to be “true” (screenshot) .
  • 3- A workflow switch limit has been added. I document cannot be switched from 1 workflow to another workflow more than 5 times.
  • 4- A new setting to workflow task “xero export” and “validate invoice”: MaxChargeRatio. See screenshot blow. If it is 1, then it means that we will automatically add a missing amount charge to the existing table so that it matches the invoice total. This should guarantee that the table is always preserved.
  "state": 146,
  "keywords": [
      "name": "MaxChargeRatio",
      "value": "1.0"
  • 5- A new extraction enforcement: REQUIRE_ROW_CONTAIN_QUANTITY_AND_TOTAL.
  • 6- Sales invoices/orders to DEAR System – Cin7: Sale orders are now exported as advanced, and shipping address is now populated.
  • 7- SIMPRO: When multi-company is used and the order is on a child EzzyBills account, we will move a document (uploaded to the main EzzyBills account) to the active workflow on the child account. If you want to move to a workflow with the same name on the child account, you need to set CopyToSameWorkflowName=true and then create a workflow on the child account with the same name as the main account.
  "state": 392,
  "keywords": [
      "name": "SimproMultiCompany",
      "value": "true"
      "name": "CopyToSameWorkflowName",
      "value": "true"
  • 8- Statement reconciliation Workflow has now new work-tasks: “Statement Extract” and “Statement Reconcile” (screenshot). You can add extraction learning rule to the “Statement Extract” task. Between these two tasks, you can insert another task, such as an AI task to remove text string from the extracted invoice numbers.
  • 9- Improvement/bug fixing for JOBINBODY, and discount email alias setting for workflow task “Start”.
  • 10- Additional UK VAT number formats in Xero Contact are supported: such as GBxxx, where xxx is the number.
  • 11- Extraction “COMBINE_TAX_AMOUNTS” is for UK invoices with variable line tax rates of 5% & 20%, which are stated on one table column, but the grand total tax amount is not stated anywhere (example DocID: 26806978).

Date: Feb 20 – 27, 2024

  • Location is now set in the form data (such as location”en_NZ”). It was done for EzzyBills mobile app projects.
  • Camera Approval logging – we now record what was approved by the camera person: invoice number, amount, supplier, and tax.
  • Batch copy workflow settings. A new EzzyBills app: to copy workflow settings from 1 workflow, to 1 or more or all other workflows. To use, go to Apps > Workflow settings Batch Update. Screenshot. For example, if you have the same level 1 approver for all your workflows and you want to change it to another person then this can be used (you can tell it to only copy the level1 approval settings). Note* it only copies settings it does not create workflows.
  • Prepend docid to the invoice filename exported to Xero so that invoice shows ‘first’ in xero bill page.
  • Fix Xero due date bug: if date is> calendar date (eg. 30th of month) but in February, then we set due date to end of month.
  • Auto retry of failed invoices increased from 14 days to 30 days. Meaning: if an invoice was uploaded < 30 days ago and it fails then we will auto retry it. If older than 30 days, you need to manually login – this will trigger a retry. If something fails too many times then the status will be marked as “finished”; to retry – go “Search/Approval”, select them, then click “Restart“.
  • Fixed bug with Office 365 email sync – we were checking the first mail folder which may not be the inbox.

Date: Feb 20, 2024 Simpro integration updates

1) You can now force creation of description PO in simPRO. It is very useful for the jobcost workflow. If your business do not want EzzyBills to track individual items, please use this setting for workflow task “simpro export”.

 "name": "createDescriptionPO",
  "value": "true"

2) Simpro category now supported. We pull all categories from simPRO and you can choose one during approval/job costing/PO check (screenshot).

3) Add some more ‘simpro’ errors which you can edit/fix. For example error message contains (“is Not a valid Item Code (you need to add to Simpo)”) or (“Failed to create Receipt Price must be 0 or greater”)

Date: Feb 2024

EzzyBills AI-powered generation of codes for a custom workflow task. It is for custom workflow task creation. Previously such a custom task was created by software developers.

How to use it: login, click “AutomatedTask (AI)” on the menu. Then you will be able to enter task name, and task description in plain English. Click “Create Task” to view the codes. If it looks logical to you, click “Publish Task”. We will start to build the task. If there is no error, we will deploy it and ready to use. To check whether there is error, you will need to go to Dashboard, find the DocID created for this new task, and click “log” to see the processing log. If successful, click “Workflow” menu, you will be able to find this new task in the task list. Find out more

Date: 14 Feb 2024

Reading tracking or GL data from the email body: use email alias “JOBINBODY”.

A typical use case is for bookkeepers, where the bookkeeper is responsible for bill entry but they don’t know what job to use so their customer puts that in the email body then send the invoice to the bookkeeper. IF the customer sends to this alias then it will got straight into EzzyBills with correct GL and job without the bookkeeper having to manually do it.

To use:

  1. ask your clients to email invoices to, where is their normal EzzyBills upload address.
  2. change the workflow setting for the “Extract” task to specify the leading keywords. Find out more

Date: 17 Jan 2024

Switch to any workflow: we have created a new workflow task “”Switch Now” for this purpose.

How to use it: simply add “Switch Now” task to the destination workflow, placing it where you want to start. Example screenshot

Date: 9 Jan 2024 Email is added when we create a new claimant in “Xero Contact”.

Date: 17 Dec 2023 “Tagsdata field on our “Contacts” page.

  • This field is meant to be used for the case of multiple suppliers with the same business numbers (such as ABN for Australia).
  • This field is used as the secondary information for supplier matching, not the primary method (If there is no ABN on the invoice, tags alone will not lead to supplier matching correctly).
  • This field is different from “Account Number” field in Xero Contact (which can be used as both the primary or secondary method for supplier matching).

How to use it: Tags are blocks of text which appear on the invoice files. You can add multiple text blocks separated by the pipe symbol ‘|’. Screenshot

Date: 13 Dec 2023 about approval batching, additional email preamble message, and approval note in the watermark

1.batching of approval emails

There are two approval rules on the workflow tasks related to email batching. One batch per approval email. Use only one of them. Not both.

Rule 1: Enable batching of approval emails (batch period) ? day(s)

If this rule is clicked to enable, enter a number, such as 1 to get batched every day. Basically one day after the first approval email, we send out the batch.

Rule 2: Enable Weekly email approval batching (day:24hour) ? eg Friday:16

After click this rule to enable, enter the-day-of-week and hour, such as “Friday:16”. Basically every Friday, your time zone (which can be set in EzzyBills Settings) on the hour of 16, we will send out email approval requests.

2. What if you want to send the batch immediately? Login, click Apps > Send All Batched Email > (below, click the link) Start

3. Email approval additional message: you can add an additional message to our email approval, by using this approval rule, “Approval preamble message ?”. When this rule is clicked, enter the message, such as, “Please pay the bill.”

4. Add approval note to the approval watermark on the file (screenshot): on the workflow task “Approved #” for level #1, 2, 3,4, or 5, there is a setting that you enter in the setting text box

  "state": 111,
  "keywords": [
      "name": "AddNotesToWatermark",
      "value": "true"

5. Approval rule for SIMPRO users: on the “submit approval#” workflow task, you will see an new approval rule “These Cost centres require Approval ?”. Click it to enter the cost centers and then only bills to these cost centers will need approval. (screenshot).

6. There are now two “Check PO Exist” workflow settings to reject a bill if the amount exceeding the PO by a threshold percentage. (screenshot). The two setting variable names: “RejectIfBillLargerThanPO” and “BillPOTotalsTollerance”.

Date: Dec 2023

  1. (Dec19) UI change: add a link for users to view the invoice text block on the “log” page.
  2. (Dec15) We have changed the color of the approval watermark message to purple, and they will be added to a place on invoice which has the most whitespace (so to avoid writing over the text and logo).
  3. (Dec8) Add new setting for SIMPRO export: “calculateUnitPrice”. By default it is “false”. If it is set as true, we will recalculate Unit Price from Total/Qty. The use case is DocID 24841029, where the Unit Price is not for unit Qty, rather for 1000 units. The new Unit Price will be used for new item creation by EzzyBills in SIMPRO.

Date: Aug to Nov, 2023

  1. Adjust xero “account number” matching for the supplier – to be exact and handling special character.
  2. Bug fixing for Canada tax rates where a single composite tax rate is variable in % (for example 11% now and 10% in a past period).
  3. New update with subscription status & renewal notification: status in Weekly Update, and more notification depending on quota or time limit. For all case, the renewal notification will be sent (details in Team).
  4. (13-Sep) Fix xero billing issue to find the right one among several EzzyBills accounts of the same Xero company.
  5. New table extraction capability (an example is the Booker invoices, missing tax codes, missing tax code, negative amount, and sub-summary).
  6. Expand item code extraction capability, item codes from description for existing items & item to the left of description (H41 & H42).
  7. New EzzyBills advanced setting for Xero Tracking (set “Exclude Tracking History” to be “true”, so the tracking list will include xero tracking options, but not tracking from invoice history).
  8. (16-Oct) New email upload alias:, where is your EzzyBills upload email address. With this, the email body will get processed as an invoice (irrespective of it containing attachments or hyperlinks). No danger of it getting classified as a blob.
  9. (5-Oct) Add more intelligence to decide which email hyperlink to extract that is corresponding to invoice, not payment.
  10. QuickBooks – creation of Inventory & non-inventory item codes. The default is service items, if you want us to create inventory items, for EzzyBills advanced setting “Default Item Code”, enter the text “AUTOINVENTORY”; for non-inventory, enter text “AUTONONINVENTORY”.
  11. Major code change with PDF data extraction to handle PDF INVISIBLE text written over the actual text.
  12. (11Oct) Email notification for processing errors: in cases where a failure require human intervention then we will now send an email telling you of the failure, which normally happens when “Modify” link is added to document. This applies only for NEW document. In the “log”, you will see (NOTIFY2) before the error to indicates we will send notification.
  13. (7Oct) Bug fixing QuickBooks statement reconciliation: previously if the invoice number contain PO data then could not match. Fixed.
  14. (7Oct) Improvements with invoicewithattachment alias – if file name contains “Tax Invoice” then guaranteed that we will pick this document as invoice.
  15. “Set Account Code” workflow task now uses settings in the export eg. If you set “”useSupplierGLCode” to be “true” in “Xero export” then the set account code task will use this setting.
  16. Our extraction can now extract data from only certain pages in the PDF file. For example, it allows to skip every 2nd page, or read only from pages 4 to 6, or from page 2 onward. (H44-47).
  17. Ezzybills supports multiple entities (one EzzyBills email upload to multiple companies) (view pdf instruction)
  18. Xero bill & PO matching: Fuzzy PO matching now supported in xero. Previously we did not use fuzzy match between the bill description and PO lines to match. Now we do. So in past, only item codes matching available.
  19. Invoice date: ignore the date on the invoice and use the “upload” date. You will need a setting for workflow task “Xero Export” (overrideInvoiceDate=upload).
  20. Supplier matching (xero): “Xero Export” setting: SupplierMatchHeaderOnly=false).
  21. Handle Fiji VAT rate starting August 2023 from 9% to 15%
  22. Bug fixing with South Africa tax rates (xero).
  23. Code change (18Aug): during approval, only the jobs for the correct export target will be shown (job from other export targets will be filtered out). Keyword: approval job list
  24. New feature: you can edit the invoice data after workflow is completed. Use case: airbnb users, with no accounting software.
  25. Xero export status: you can set xero export status in workflow task “Xero Export”.
  26. Creating new customers in Xero with delivery address: it is new to include “delivery address”. (Note that: you may need to have the EzzyBills setting “Customer Keywords: EXTRACT_FROM_ADDRESS” if there are no better keyword such as “Invoice to”)
  27. (16Aug) For receipts we now extract the Quantity and the Unit of measure. (an example fuel receipt & data extraction)
  28. Triumph: added option AllowFuzzySupplierMatch=false (Triumph Export). If not matched by ABN, then “unknown” supplier will be used.

Date: Nov-2023 Multiple changes for approval

  1. Bug fixing for “not for me” approval link and token. (invoice is still on the 1st approval page with a note, but cannot be approved).
  2. Approval email batching: Email batching allows EzzyBills to batch together all emails for and send them as a single email. Eg. An approver only wants to receive 1 email per week you can set the period to 7 days. This feature has been around for a while. I have added a new behavior, if the period>=365 set in the workflow approval rules then we WILL NEVER send the email. This is useful if you have approvers logging in (using approver role) and wanting to approver their invoices without ever receiving an email.
  3. “All MY Approval” page (or click “modify” link in the approval email), we will show ALL invoices waiting approval. Previously there was a 200 doc limit which meant some invoice might not show in list until the waiting approval count fall below 200.

Date: Oct-2023 Multiple changes for SIMPRO users

  1. New feature: we now can create inventory order (note this is purely for purchase order creation – see an example PO created) and no bill is involved). During approval, just select Inventory from Job tracking list to trigger this. (note: previously the PO is created for a job – a default job).
  2. Simpro project manager approval: 1) for inventory jobs, there will be no PM, then you need to login EzzyBills, “Search/Approval”, select the bill, and “cancel” it. Then you can go through a normal approval process (select the invoice and click “Email Approval” to send out for approval). 2) the PM can in the email approval, click “Not for me” button to assign another person to approval the bill.
  3. SimPRO project manager approval: there are approval rules for the workflow task “Proj Manager Approval”. Not all of them are working though. Above the rules, there is a “Approval Type” setting: empty means the job manager to approval, “Creator” for the PO creator to approve, “Salesperson” for sales person to approve.
  4. (20Sep) Simpro approval job – you can now set the job during approval and this job will get added when the PO is created.
  5. (13Aug) Fix supplier matching issue when the supplier name contains space in the end, or at the start.
  6. (10July) We have added a new mode ‘trustBill’ for export of bills to simPRO (set in the workflow task setting for “simpro export”). The current/default is exportMode=trustPO. In this mode we try to match the bill with the PO – we adjust the bill to match the PO. If you set mode to trustBill we assume the bill items match exactly the items on PO. If the Bill items are not found on PO then we add them to PO. If the bill quantity exceeds the PO quantity then we update the PO quantity so that bill can be fully receipted. i.e. we adjust the PO to match the bill. Note: we never delete PO lines in this mode.

Date: Oct-2023 Invoice batching

If you are using invoice batching (eg. expense claims or invoices are being batched) then you need to wait for the batch duration to expire before the invoices are exported.

  • Account code and tracking is now copied from individual invoices to the batched invoice (eg. You approve an invoices and set account code then this inovoice wil get batched, the account code tracking that you set at header level will get used)
  • A new EzzyBills app (login > Apps > “Send all Batched Invoices” > click “Start” below) to trigger immediate batching to be sent.

Date: Nov-2023 (in the last few weeks)

Multiple changes regarding export to DEAR (cin7)

  • (5-Oct update) on sale orders, we cannot set the sale order number in Dear (it is automatic number), however there is a “Reference” field we will use (screenshot). Basically we read the purchase order number from the invoice , and then export to DEAR in this field).
  • Under Apps > Dear, we add a “Test Connection” button.
  • (Nov update) additional charges

For both Triumph & DEAR (cin7)

  • If the extra charge is not extracted, or there is a rounding required, EzzyBills will add another additional charge/rounding to the invoice. This is to avoid the situation where the bill total exported to DEAR does not match the total extracted by EzzyBills.

Date: 4-Oct-2023

How does EzzyBills set “GL account code”?

Recent changes were made so that the methods work consistently for Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks users. Find out details

Date: 20-Sep-2023 Major improvements to custom workflow tasks.

You can create your own new workflow task. Software developer skill is required, but the task can be created with simple EzzyBills API calls.

Find out more: Login EzzyBills, go to “Workflows”, then “New Task”. Screenshot

Date: 24-July-2023 Reclassify a blob

  • Reclassify a blob: If the document is classified as a blob, statement etc, You can now get EzzyBills to reprocess as an invoice. Go to EzzyBills, find the invoice, and click the “reclassify” link and click “Reclassify as invoice”. The document then go through the normal invoice workflow (such as go through approval and then export to Xero).
  • CHANGE the DOCUMENT TYPE during approval (eg. Bill -> sale , credit note,…): on the approval page (above the invoice data), where the current document type is specified, you can change it. For example, you can change a bill to credit note and we will then export as a credit note (screenshots 1, and 2)

Date: 21-July-2023

Feature update: “Not for me” button on the approval page is now working with “Expense Claim Notification” (basically it overrides the table approver rule). So the approver can be changed to one not on the “List of Users/Approvers” table.

Date: 20-July-2023

Make “Charge” data field visible/editable on approval pages (screenshot), on the project manager approval & check-po pages.

Date: 17-July-2023

OneDrive integration: we support both 1) automatic pulling invoices from OneDrive and 2) exporting documents to OneDrive. The former is to upload document; the latter is to save to your OneDrive all the document you have processed through EzzyBills. More on OneDrive integration

Date: 16-July-2023

Update to “bill & PO matching” for Xero user: when processing a bill, EzzyBills can match it with an existing PO. This existing feature has been updated with details below.

  • The bill details will be added to the matching purchase order (PO) in the “History & Notes” section in Xero. The details include: invoice number and all the items that were received (including the received quantity). Note that you will need to use “item codes” in Xero on both the PO and bills. (more)

Date: 15-July-2023

  • Inherit customization rules from your HQ account: added an setting on the “Extract” workflow task (screenshot)
  • Bug fixing: for duplicate suppliers shown in EzzyBills Contact, to fix it, go to Apps > Refresh.

Date: 27-June-2023

New “Contacts” page: login EzzyBills, go to “Contacts“, it will take you to the new contact page (which opens on a separate browser tab). Most columns of contact data come from your accounting software, except four columns of EzzyBills data: Workflow, Tracking, GL Account, and Tax Code.

  • For “GL Account”, you can specify general leger code for a supplier and EzzyBills will use it.
  • For Workflow, you can specify a special workflow to process this supplier invoice. To enable this, you also need to change your active workflow to include the task “Switch Workflow”, for which you also need to copy/paste a setting like this. This is an advanced feature – please email to set this up for you.
  • The other two columns are not supported yet as of 1 August 2023.

Date: 26-June-2023

  • Added new email setting to ensure one invoice per email is processed (equivalent to the “withAttachment” email alias). screenshot
  • Support MYOB spend money attachment: receipts will be attached to the spend money transactions created by EzzyBills.

Date: 1-June-2023

Due date for QuickBooks users

Due date is always extracted from a bill. However when it is used depends on export target and settings. For QuickBooks users (as well as xero users), if payment terms not set for a vendor, then the due date on a bill is used. You can force the use of due date by a setting on task “QuickBooks “.

Date: 30-May-2023

  • UI change: on “Dashboard”, the ‘signed in user’ initial is now shown as a logo at the top right corner of the page. To see the full user name, just click on logo.
  • keywords over 3 lines is now supported.
  • for those using claim notification workflow: if a claim is submitted without specifying the claimant, the claim will fail to process. To rectify, find a link in the invoice processing “log” to set the claimant.

Date: 28-May-2023

API to switch users within an EzzyBills HQ account (more)

Date: 16-May-2023

API to match bills with purchase orders (more)

Date: 12-May-2023

Title case (where first letter is upper case) is now supported for table descriptions. To enable the conversion, you need to add ‘Set Invoice Details’ workflow task and enable a setting for TITLE_CASE.

Example: to convert description “INDUSTRIAL GAS AND TRADEFLAME” to “Industrial Gas and Tradeflame”.

Date: 10-May-2023

Approval email batching (to reduce the number of approval request emails): this feature is enabled in the submit approval workflow task as one of approval rules. more

Date: 9-May-2023

For QuickBooks users, for sale invoices, we now support custom fields: PO number, and “Service Date” column. Find out more.

Date: 4-May-2023

Employee Expense Claim: Bug Fixing for Claimant Name with a Space.

If you use the first name and last name with a space in between when submitting your expense claim, we will create a supplier with a space in your accounting software. If the claimant name already exists as a supplier in your accounting software, with or without a space, we will continue to use it.

Date: 4-May-2023

New Feature: Add Approval Watermark to Uploaded Image Files (as well as PDF Files)

Please note that typical image files are PNG or JPEG files. You may upload them directly to EzzyBills or via the EzzyBills Mobile App scanning feature. For any image you upload, we will convert it to a PDF file first and then add a watermark. Both the original image and the converted PDF file are viewable in the “Search/Approve” section of EzzyBills.

This is only available to xero users at the moment.

Date: 24-Apr-2023

New Feature: Expense Claim Annual Limit and Claim Reporting.

You can set a claimant’s annual claim limit in EzzyBills Settings > “Approval & Expenses” > “List of Users/Approvers” table. screenshot

The limit is only applicable if you enable the corresponding approval rule. You can also set the annual claim limit in the approval rules. screenshot

If a claim exceeds the claimant’s annual limit, the claim will be rejected. Please note that the annual limit applies to the calendar year starting on January 1.

You can also generate report (Apps > “Claimant History”) (sample report)

Date: 19-Apr-2023

New Feature: Automatic Language Detection for Canada Users (screenshot)

If the locale is set to “Canada” then EzzyBills will automatically detect the language and if the language is non-English (ie. French) then it will get translated.

For all other locations there is no change, however if you set language in EzzyBills Settings to ‘Auto Detect Language’. EzzyBills will check the invoice language and translate if required. You can set the language to “auto” in workflow task “Extract”. screenshot

Date: 16-Apr-2023

For Xero users, for duplicate sale invoices or bills, if the duplicate detection is false positive (they are actually not duplicates) you can login EzzyBills, find the invoice that failed to export and click “Modify” link to change the invoice number to trigger a re-processing.

Date: 4-Apr-2023

  • Export workflow task setting for QuickBooks (and Xero): HeaderOnly can now be set to be “true”.
  • Improvement in supplier matching algorithm for Quickbooks users.
  • Minor code change for when supplier name is changed during approval (for Xero, MYOB, QuickBooks).

Date: 22-Mar-2023

Bug fixing for MYOB job number has a comma in it.

Make more QuickBooks account codes available during approval: now it includes additional assets & liability.

Date: 19-Mar-2023

Update on employee expense claims: find out more

We now have these new features: 1) an app for you to add employee in bulk to EzzyBills, 2) you can now set up EzzyBills so to notify employee their claiming status, and 3) you can use special workflow and set claim limit per invoice on the workflow.

Date: 10-Mar-2023

Specify general leger code in EzzyBills for a supplier. GL code is the “Account Code” in Xero and MYOB, the “Category” in QuickBooks). For Xero and MYOB users, you can specify the account code in your accounting software and then we will use it. For QuickBooks users, you need to specify it in EzzyBills, go to Apps > Contact, search/find the supplier, and specify the account_code. Click “Save“.

Date: 9-Mar-2023

VAT number from QuickBooks UK: the VAT number added in the “other” area of vendor information will be be saved & unmasked now (to solve the issue of two suppliers with the same last 4 digits).

Date: 8-Mar-2023

Bug fixing for multiple currency for QuickBooks user. With this bug fixing, now your QuickBooks base currency can be different from your country (such as for a UK business, the base currency is US dollar). EzzyBills can process supplier invoices in GBP. Now our multiple currencies shall work excellently for QuickBooks users.

Date: 19-Feb-2023

We now support an ‘Approver’ only login: upgrade your account to HQ, create a new user, and change the role to “approver” for the user and click “Save Changes”. This allows an approver to login to EzzyBills and approve all their invoices rather than via email. more

Not suitable for HQ accounts containing more than one company.

Date: 22-Jan-2023

In the recent weeks, updates on approval user interface: recently many changes have been made.

  1. In all cases, we will show “all my approvals” UI. The simple approval is gone. The batch approval is gone, but can be shown by if you insert the text “batch” in the Advanced setting “UIOptions”.
  2. Add “Save” button (You can now change the invoice details or add notes, gl codes, tracking etc, and click save. This will save all your changes. In cases where an admin wants to review the details before sending to an approver then they wont need 2 levels of approval. They can use one level. On first level they review/change then save then send to the approver using “not for me”)
  3. Add two toggle buttons to all my approvals, so that you can set layout to portrait or landscape (top right corner).

Date: 19-Jan-2023

Update on “Purchase Order Keywords”: go to Settings > Advanced Options to find this setting. We can now handle the case of keyword and PO number having no space in between (add ‘|’ before and after keyword).

Date: 11-Jan-2023

Update on the “search” function: under “Search/Approve”, you can enter invoice data, such as supplier name and invoice amount, to search. With this new update, the search results will include invoices are waiting approval, or failed to export (not just those that are successfully exported/finished).

Date: 8-Jan-2023

Modify tax rate: For Australian businesses that are not allowed to claim 10% tax (rather a reduced percentage) or 0%, now you can specify this reduced tax rate in EzzyBills workflow task “Set Invoice Details’, adding the CHANGE_TAX setting.

Date: Dec 2022 & Jan 2023

Edit invoice table during approval: during EzzyBills approval, you can now edit invoice table data, in additional to invoice header data. For some data, you can set both in the table and on the invoice header, such as account codes and tracking.  

For account codes, if you set on the header level, the data in the table will not be used. 

For tracking, you can set both on the header level and line level. For example, for QuickBooks users, you can set location on the header level, and class on the line level.

Date: 17-Dec-2022

New setting “Set Account Code Before Approval“: in Settings > Approval & Expenses. (screenshot)

After it is enabled & saved, click “Workflow” to verify workflow task “Set Account Codes” in the active workflow. With this, account codes will get set before approval. If all account codes are the same then we will set the account code at header level; otherwise, it will be on the line level.

Date: 16-Dec-2022

To record the HQ user name that logged in EzzyBills and approved invoices. The HQ user name is recorded in the processing “log”.

Use case: EzzyBills customers have requested the ability for multiple staff members to be able to login to EzzyBills and each be able to approve invoices and be able to see who approved which invoice. (how to add HQ user)

Date: 15-Dec-2022

Simpro credit notes work ok now. SimPRO fixed this back in November.

Date: 12-Dec-2022

On the top of previous multiple-column description, EzzyBills can now extract each column of description separately (each allows multiple lines) and then combine them together into a single line of description. Need this: Email to referencing DocID.

Date: 6-Dec-2022

Improvements to item code extraction: If there are multiple possible item codes on a line, we will be able to smartly determine which one to use.

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