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Date: 22-Jan-2023

In the recent weeks, updates on approval user interface: recently many changes have been made.

  1. In all cases, we will show “all my approvals” UI. The simple approval is gone. The batch approval is gone, but can be shown by if you insert the text “batch” in the Advanced setting “UIOptions”.
  2. Add “Save” button (You can now change the invoice details or add notes, gl codes, tracking etc, and click save. This will save all your changes. In cases where an admin wants to review the details before sending to an approver then they wont need 2 levels of approval. They can use one level. On first level they review/change then save then send to the approver using “not for me”)
  3. Add two toggle buttons to all my approvals, so that you can set layout to portrait or landscape (top right corner).

Date: 19-Jan-2023

Update on “Purchase Order Keywords”: go to Settings > Advanced Options to find this setting. We can now handle the case of keyword and PO number having no space in between (add ‘|’ before and after keyword).

Date: 11-Jan-2023

Update on the “search” function: under “Search/Approve”, you can enter invoice data, such as supplier name and invoice amount, to search. With this new update, the search results will include invoices are waiting approval, or failed to export (not just those that are successfully exported/finished).

Date: 8-Jan-2023

Modify tax rate: For Australian businesses that are not allowed to claim 10% tax (rather a reduced percentage) or 0%, now you can specify this reduced tax rate in EzzyBills workflow task “Set Invoice Details’, adding the CHANGE_TAX setting.

Date: Dec 2022 & Jan 2023

Edit invoice table during approval: during EzzyBills approval, you can now edit invoice table data, in additional to invoice header data. For some data, you can set both in the table and on the invoice header, such as account codes and tracking.  

For account codes, if you set on the header level, the data in the table will not be used. 

For tracking, you can set both on the header level and line level. For example, for QuickBooks users, you can set location on the header level, and class on the line level.

Date: 17-Dec-2022

New setting “Set Account Code Before Approval“: in Settings > Approval & Expenses. (screenshot)

After it is enabled & saved, click “Workflow” to verify workflow task “Set Account Codes” in the active workflow. With this, account codes will get set before approval. If all account codes are the same then we will set the account code at header level; otherwise, it will be on the line level.

Date: 16-Dec-2022

To record the HQ user name that logged in EzzyBills and approved invoices. The HQ user name is recorded in the processing “log”.

Use case: EzzyBills customers have requested the ability for multiple staff members to be able to login to EzzyBills and each be able to approve invoices and be able to see who approved which invoice. (how to add HQ user)

Date: 15-Dec-2022

simPRO credit notes work ok now. SimPRO fixed this back in November.

Date: 12-Dec-2022

On the top of previous multiple-column description, EzzyBills can now extract each column of description separately (each allows multiple lines) and then combine them together into a single line of description. Need this: Email to support@ezzydoc.com referencing DocID.

Date: 6-Dec-2022

Improvements to item code extraction: If there are multiple possible item codes on a line, we will be able to smartly determine which one to use.

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