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EzzyBills User Guide

Paperless expense approval

EzzyBills Approval is powerful and versatile online approval tool. By default, there is no approval and the invoices you uploaded will be exported to your accountings software without approval/review.

I. Enable simple approval workflows

Go to Settings > Approval & Expense:  tick the Enable Approval Workflow. Click Save Settings.

  • You have option to choose single-level or two-level (2-people) approval process. For two-level-approval, the 2nd approval happens after the 1st-level approval is finished.
  • You can provide the default approver emails for level 1, or level 2, or both if you already know who they are. If do so, the approval requests will be emailed out.
  • Without emails provided, you will need to login, and go to Search/Approve to approve.

II. Watch expense approval tutorial video

III. Summary of EzzyBills Expense Approval

  1. Multiple levels are supported.
  2. EzzyBills approval can be used to approve bills, expense receipts, employee expense claims, sales, and orders etc.
  3. Option to approve on the web portal or via email.
  4. You have the option to use “List of Users/Approval Table” for one level approval.
  5. You have the option to use “Approval Workflows”, with one or multiple levels. You can set approval rules for each level.
  6. Login, click “Workflow” to view workflows.
  7. You can combine option 3 and option 4.
  8. You can multiple approval workflows.

IV. User guides and common user cases

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