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Fast, accurate, with in-built machine learning.

EzzyBills is powered by the EzzyBills API. Everything that EzzyBills does is done via this API. EzzyBills supports two different API’s (SOAP and REST).

See the following Sample Applications for more details:

Try out EzzyBills in two ways:

  • Method 1: Register a  free trial account and use the API sample codes to connect to this account to receive invoice data.
  • Method 2: Alternatively, You can start with signing up a free Xero account and connect this EzzyBills account to Xero and test EzzyBills in action!

How to Register a free trial account that uses EzzyBills API in a custom workflow?  (method 1 above) 

You can use the API to integrate EzzyBills into your own custom workflows. For example if you want the invoice data extracted from the invoice and uploaded to your own ERP system then you can use the API.

To use the API you will need an EzzyBills account  and an API KEY. You can get an EzzyBills account by starting the Free Trial, and choosing to Integrate with any system listed, or if in doubt choose Custom (integrate via API)

You can create an API KEY in Settings>Advanced.

You then need to add this key to you client application (for SOAP applications this will be in the app.config file, for REST applications this will be as a query parameter).
Find out more on Setup an EzzyBills API account, with a sample application.

Upload your list of suppliers to EzzyBills

  • This is optional. If you do not upload your list, we will use our alternative method to find the supplier for you.