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EzzyBills User Guide

06.2 Infer tracking data

I. Summary

To use this, you will need to provide Tracking Keywords in Settings, which will be used by EzzyBills to extract a tracking data, a text block, from invoices.

The association between a tracking text block and a Xero tracking option can obtained by EzzyBills based on 1) your Xero invoice history, or 2)csv file data you provide to workflow task “set tracking”. The 2nd option is recommended.

II. Specify Tracking Keywords in EzzyBills Settings

Example 1: A user wants to track invoices for different “region”. Such information is not directly available on the invoices, but it can be inferred based on “Customer No”.

  • Go to Settings -> Advanced Options – > Tracking Keywords. Enter one keyword; or multiple keywords to handle invoices from multiple suppliers, separating by comma.

[Screenshot of one keyword]

Example 2: from a different supplier, the unique tracking data is the “Delivery to” address.

[Screenshot of multiple keywords] to handle both cases above

III. Specify Tracking Keywords using learning rules

EzzyBills support team can add a learning rule to specify Tracking Keywords for a particular supplier’s invoices. You can request this if needed (read on to find out when to contact EzzyBills support team).

IV. Upload invoices to test

IV.1 Upload an invoice and verify tracking extraction

In this example, an invoice with the Customer No 1438 has been uploaded.

EzzyBills shall extract the text block “1438” from the invoice, and export it to XERO in the Reference field on the bill:

[Screenshot below: bill exported to Xero]

  • The reference number is set as G947512 | 1438.
  • The first field, G947512, is the invoice number, and the second field, 1438, is the Customer number.
  • If you cannot find the tracking data (such as “1438”) in the Reference field, contact EzzyBills support team.

IV.2 Manually specified tracking to establish invoice history

  • Manually edit the Xero bill to fill in the track data in the table. In this example, 1438 is for West Coast [screenshot below]
  • afterwards, back in EzzyBills Settings, click “Refresh GL”.
  • By doing the two steps above, you have established the association between text block “1438” and region “West Coast”. Afterwards, when you upload other invoices with Customer Number 1438, EzzyBills will populate the tracking data of “Region” with ‘West Coast’.
  • You will have to repeat step 2 and 3 for each pair of tracking data: 1438 -> West Coast; 1439 -> East Coast;  1287 -> North; 1456 -> West Coast. If this is hard, we will need to use custom workflow task “Set tracking” (Section V).

V. Set up custom workflow for tracking

Alternative to steps in section IV.2 to establish xero invoice history for tracking,

  • Set up a custom workflow to contain workflow task: set tracking. With this, you can upload a csv file containing all the pairs of data (tracking on invoice : xero tracking option).

Additional notes

  • All lines in an invoice will have the same tracking data.
  • If you change the data in the tracking field for an invoice in Xero, you need to click “Refressh/Learn” in EzzyBills (Login to EzzyBills, under Settings). This way, we will see your changes immediately. Otherwise, it is done once a week.

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