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Q40: How to trouble shoot item invoices?

I. Check EzzyBills Settings related to Item Invoices

By default, EzzyBills does not extract item codes from invoices. To enable it,

  • Go to Settings > tick “Allow Stock Invoices” > Save Settings. Screenshot below.
  • Ticket “Guess Item Code” if you item codes are different from your suppliers’. This way, we will use description matching. Make sure your description matches closely to the description on the invoices.
  • If you want EzzyBills to create new item codes, use “AUTO” for “Default Item Code“.

II. Trouble shooting

II.1 View item codes that are extracted by EzzyBills

In EzzyBills, go to Search/Approve or Dashboard, find the invoice, click “Log” and then “View Invoice Data”. You will see the table data, from which you will see whether item codes are extracted.

II.2 If item codes are not extracted

Please email to support@ezzydoc.com, referencing the DocID number. Then we will look into it and customize the extraction for you.

II.3 If item codes are extracted, but item matching is not working

In order for description matching to work well, you may want to tie up your item codes in your accounting software, using tips below:

  1. If you want EzzyBills to use item code matching: the item codes need to be an exact match.
  2. If you need EzzyBills to match by description:  you will need to make your  item description similar to these on the invoice – don’t combine/split words, don’t use word variation.
  3. After you make changes in item descriptions in your accounting software, click Settings > click “Refresh/Learn” before uploading invoices again (this is optional – we will automatically reload new data from your accounting software once a week.)
  4. If item description matching does not work for you as your item descriptions are so different from your suppliers, you can add additional workflow task “change part” in your workflow – with this you can upload a csv file containing the matching pairs.

III. More user guides

Check our user guide for item codes to the specific Accounting Software you are using:

Need help?

Email support@ezzydoc.com, referencing the invoice DocID number, and some screenshots to explain.

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