EzzyBills User Guide

02.1 Account codes on bills to QuickBooks

How does it work?

We use your QuickBooks invoice history to determine categories, account codes, line by line.

  • The bills that are still not paid in QuickBooks will not be used by EzzyBills for account codes automation. Only paid expenses for the recent months will be used.

Notes: to reload invoice history data from QuickBooks, click SettingsRefresh/Learn. With this, EzzyBills will retrieve new QuickBooks data immediately. Otherwise, automatic reload is done once a week.

For a new supplier,

  • if there is no matching history data in term of description, we will use most commonly used account code in your QuickBooks.

For the existing suppliers, we will

  1. firstly look for description matching. If we find a good match within the last 3-month period, we will use the Account Code for the matched expenses.
  2. If no matching description is found, we will use the most commonly used Account code within the last 3-month period.
  3. If no results in step 2, we will use the Account Code that is last used for this supplier for the entire period.

What to do when incorrect account codes are used?

If the account code is incorrectly assigned, then you shall do the following,

  • Open the invoice at QuickBooks, and modify the account code. And record the payment. (we will learn from your modifications for future use)

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