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EzzyBills User Guide

How to process invoices to Simpro from a supplier that uses one item code?

In this case: a supplier uses the same item code for all the items. To process this supplier’s invoices, EzzyBills users would like EzzyBills to create the item codes based on the descriptions.

Screenshot 1 below: the supplier does not have an item code for each part.

Screenshot 2 below: change EzzyBills Settings to enable “creating the item codes based on the descriptions”

  • Login to EzzyBills, click Settings, then Advanced Options. Set the Default Item Code as the one used on this supplier’s invoices. Click Save Settings.
  • Then EzzyBills will automatically create an item code for each item based on the description

Screenshot 3 below: The bill/receipt in Simpro will then become (note EzzyBills has created an item based on the default item code + description)

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