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EzzyBills User Guide

Tech updates before 2023

Date: 17-Nov-2022

Auto Archiving setting:    it is a new setting “Archive document when workflow completes”. With this, when a document processing is finished, the document will be archived (i.e. soft deleted: you can still view it in Search/Approve with the option “include deleted” ticked). 

Date: 15-Nov-2022

New tracking data during approval: the data you enter manually as a new tracking data will be recorded in our system immediately and is available for other approvals. The creation of the new tracking in your accounting software is done later by EzzyBills during exporting.

Date: 11-Nov-2022

Supplier matching for QuickBooks users in United States:    more intelligence have been added to our supplier matching. 

Date: 4-Nov-2022

Disable One Click Approval:   Some customers use spam filters that click on links randomly in emails, which can disrupt email approval. To avoid disruption, turn on this new EzzyBills setting:  Settings > Approve & Expenses > Disable One Click Approval (turn on Enable Approval workflow to see and tick this option.

Date: 2-Nov-2022

Add supplierID to the form data:  with this, in the form data, both supplier name and supplier ID will be present.

Date: 19-Oct-2022

Many updates have been made for extracting data from Canada invoices, including reading of double taxes, and the reading of company HST number – digits only.

Date: 16-Oct-2022

Mark PO lines in Xero as received: when processing a bill to Xero, EzzyBills can mark matching PO lines as “received” in the Description. To use this, you will need to turn on PO matching setting and set the setting (“SetPOlinefReceived” to be true) for the workflow task “xero export” .

Date: 14-Oct-2022

new UI feature – drag/drop files directly to different workflows:  log into your EzzyBills web portal, on the Dashboard, click the drop down arrow, you can then drag/drop files from your computer directly to different workflows, and to process them as different type of document (sales, credit notes etc.).  screenshot

You can also enter text “sr” in the tag for supplier statement reconciliation in (screenshot). 

Date: 11-Oct-2022

new setting – Expense account codes only:  this is new setting, under Settings > Advanced Options. Search for “ExpenseOnlyCodes”, and enter “true” in the textbox. Then the account codes will only include the expense codes from xero. This only affects “refresh” and the therefor the list of account codes that is available to choose during approval. It only affect xero users. 

Date: 7-Oct-2022

Trim purchase order number or trim invoice number:  customers can now send requests to our support team to trim purchase order numbers or invoice numbers that are extracted from your invoices. For EzzyBills support, use “TrimOrderNumber” and “TrimInvoiceNumber” to find details.

Date: 7-Oct-2022

Switching from PO to non-PO workflows: a new workflow setting, “BypassPOCheck“, for workflow task “Check PO Exists”. This is for customers that use PO check workflow task (for example Simpro or DEAR users).  It is used to switch workflows. This feature can be very useful.

Date: 01-July-2022

custom field data extraction:   This is not new feature, but it is documented now so that users know how to use it. It is generally use by API users only. 

Date: 27-June-2022

new approval rule – add pairs of (supplier : approver):  in the approval workflow, you can specify a list of supplier name and approver.  screenshot

Disable customer tracking for QuickBooks users: the new setting for workflow task “QuickBooks” (i.e. QuickBooks Export). By default, this is allowed if there is a tracking keyword or tracking is specified during approval. screenshot

“All my approval” for the Admin:   with this new update, when you click “Search/Approve“, you will see another button near the “Batch approval” button, called “All my approval”.  Clicking this new button, all invoices waiting for “Admin” approval will show, in a different format.   screenshot

Date: 9-June-2022

feature update – enter tracking data during approval:  during approval, when entering tracking data manually, you can enter multiple tracking data by select them one by one. This is suitable for users of Xero and QuickBooks. For example, for Xero users, you can enter two tracking options (one for each category).  screenshot 

feature update – for EzzyBills not to create new tracking data in Xero:  if you do not want EzzyBills to create new tracking options in Xero at all, you can login EzzyBills, click Workflow, click the “Xero Export” task in the middle box, move mouse outside the box and scroll down and copy/paste/edit this setting. Click Save below.

Date: 2-June-2022

Bypass document classification:  for document uploaded via email, by default, EzzyBills will do document classification. If it is a statement or order confirmation, we will not process them as invoices. To disable it, login EzzyBills, click “Workflow”, click “Extract” and enter “true” to the Setting “Bypass Classification” (screenshot)

Date: 2-June-2022

new feature: process invoices to contract orders (i.e. work orders). It will need to create a new workflow (Workflow > New > Choose “Simpro contractor workflow“). Then use this workflow email address (shown beside the workflow name) to upload contractor invoices.   Find out more.

Date: 26-May-2022

Workflow task “Set AccountCode”:  It now works for MYOB (also for Xero & QuickBooks). You will need to 1) insert this task in your workflow,  just before the Export task;  and  2) upload to this task a csv file containing a list of “Description” as shown on the invoices and MYOB “account codes”.  A sample csv file  

Date: 27-April-2022

New feature on workflow:  Switching between workflows including workflows that belong to another EzzyBills account. More

Date: 26-April-2022

New setting to prevent lines collapsing (such as when line totals are absent):   this setting can be used to extract line details from an order (a sample order) that does not have a line total column. It also works for invoices with line totals & GST that do not match the invoice total and GST. It works for both Xero users and users without export target.

For the “Xero Export” workflow task, the setting is on here. For “Validate Invoice” workflow task, the setting is here.

Date: 22-April-2022

New Email rule added :  With this rule, “ignore emails without attachments”, we can process only email attachment (not in-body invoice or hyperlink).

Date: 20-April-2022

New update for Xero: Create Sales invoices from Purchase order. To export  Purchase order as a sale invoice you need to  setup workflow. More

Date: 5-April-2022

New update for MYOB:  MYOB contacts with Designation as “Individual”  will be used, for supplier/customer matching and during approval (previously only contacts designated as “company” will be used).

Date: 31-March-2022

New settings for the Workflow task “Simpro Export”:  Login, click Workflow, select “Simpro Export” task, scroll down and copy and paste/modify the setting that you want to use  screenshot

Date: 30-March-2022

New update on contact list during approval:  during approval, in the contact dropdown list, only suppliers will show for bills/credit notes/purchase orders; for the sale invoices and sale credits, only customers will show. 

Date: 25-March-2022

Upload invoices with double tax rates for QuickBooks users:  For some countries like Canada, different provinces have different tax rates. Some of their have two taxes. EzzyBills extracts two taxes and brings them together as a single tax. More

Date: 17-March-2022

Bug fixing for Xero Launcher: Xero launcher only worked for the user that authorized the connection. With this fix, now other Xero users can use Xero Launcher.

For new users added to your Xero, log into your EzzyBills account, go to Apps, and hit “Refresh(screenshot). This is required so that they can use Xero Launcher.

Date: 12-March-2022

Support Ireland Xero Users:  there is a new update – now we support tax rate (23% or none) for businesses in Ireland. 

Date: 10-March-2022

Check before Exporting to Simpro;  there are two new workflow tasks that you can use. With these, you will be able to set up rules so that some bills will not be exported to Simpro automatically: such as credit notes, or bill amount does not match the PO amount etc. There are a list of rules that you can pick.  More

Date: 5-March-2022

Xero App Launcher (login to EzzyBills from Xero) login to your Xero and click the App Launcher on the top right corner and select EzzyBills to switch to EzzyBills (no need to put in username and password). More

Date: 23-February-2022

MYOB Job list during approval:  during approval, the MYOB job list will consists of both Number and Name in the format of NAME(NUMBER). However, if you manually entered NAME or NUMBER, we would use.

Date: 21-February-2022

bug fixing with “View All My Approvals”:  in the approval email that we send to you, you will find a link “View All My Approvals”, under the approval buttons. The two separate bug fixes are related to the persistence of PO number.  (Note: a fix of Expense bank detail was done a few weeks ago)

Date: 20-February-2022

new invoice format:  a new invoice format with GST in table only is now supported.  With this, we will calculate the total invoice GST by adding up the GST amount on the lines. Reference: GST_IN_TABLE_ONLY DISABLE_FIELD_CORRECTION.

document type in Approval requests:  now the invoice types are noted on the approval emails and approval web portal. 

Date: 19-February-2022

new feature for DEAR integration: We now support the creation of bills without a PO in dear. This will require the use of workflow task “Create PO”   (preextract > extract > create PO > Dear Export)

Date: 02-February-2022

Bug fixing for Simpro:  fixed a bug related to supplier creation in Simpro. 

Create a PO in DEAR – new update:  there is a recent change in DEAR that requires fields (such as payment term) to be set when creating a new supplier. DEAR api does not support to read default data for such fields. So you will need to create a supplier in DEAR called “Default” (screenshot), with these default data. We will then read such default data and use it for new supplier creation. 

Date: 18-January-2022

Bug fixing for item description matching:  fixed a bug related to numbers within Description. 

Bug fixing for credit notes: fixed a rounding related issue.

Date: 15-January-2022

“Xero Export” workflow task – new setting:  for sale invoices, negative lines could be expenses (such as on a RCTI – recipient-created tax invoices), or sale discounts.  The former is the default treatment in EzzyBills.  A new setting is created for “Xero Export”, which allows you to specify the 2nd option.  Screenshot

Date: 15-January-2022

Specify Workflow for a supplier:  for a particular supplier, if their invoices need to be processed with a non-active workflow such as applying a 10% discount, our support team can create a learning rule which specifies which workflow to use. Eg. Screenshot

Date: 1-January-2022

weekly report update:

1) changed the status reports so that duplicate invoices are not counted in the summary table. 

2) added an EVENT workflow (login, click Workflow, choose “Event Workflow”, click “New“, “choose workflow to created“, then “Status Report Workflow(screenshot) The weekly timing will be the same as when the workflow was first created. So if you want to weekly report to be generated 8am on Monday, you shall do it on 8am on one of the Mondays.

Date: 1-January-2022:  new supported invoice formats

QUANTITY_FROM_DESCRIPTION:  read Qty from descriptions that contains format like ‘7hrs @ $55.00ph’.  Example DocID: 12309879.

DESCRIPTION_IS_ON_LINE_ABOVE:  it is to for the scenario where the description is on the line above the total line (there is no description column on the line with total).  Different from “”DESCRIPTION_ABOVE”, where there is a description column on the total lines.

ALLOW_TABLE_WITH_EMPTY_PAGES: This is to handle the invoice table extraction with a page does not contain any rows (the before and after pages both contain rows).

Date: 31-December-2021

Bug fixing of read tax indicator with *:  there is star sign near the line total, confused with other stars on the line.  (example DocID: 12360300)

Date: 30-December-2021

GL codes for charge or discount:  Now the GL codes for charge or discount columns are calculated with the same logic as other lines.  If you set useSupplierGLCode as true for the “xero export” workflow task, and the supplier has a default purchase account code (such as 310), in Xero, then this default will get used.

Date: 27-December-2021

Statement Reconciliation: add more codes to the extraction of invoice amount column and the associated invoice number column (when there is “Balance Forward” on the first line of Description). 

Date: 21-December-2021

Bug fix for Simpro integration: fixed a “changing job to stock” bug caused by updating the order notes  (order notes will not be updated to avoid issues).

Date: 15-December-2021 (approximate date)

  • “Convert Invoice to Tax Free”. This EzzyBills Setting will now work for custom extraction workflow (in addition Xero or QBO workflow). 

Date: 10-December-2021

New invoice format: ‘TAX_INCLUSIVE’. With this, the tax will be calculated based on the total amount using the standard tax rate for your country.

Accessing learning formats: Login, under Workflow select the “Extract” task. You will see a list of learning formats.

Date: 1-December-2021

Stop text block from splitting: Sometimes you want words with special meanings to not be split (eg. Trading Reference).  To prevent a text from being split, you can add it as a dictionary word. For example the screenshot here will stop the ‘Trading Reference’ text block from being split.

Date: 23-November-2021

Re-process supplier statement: when you process a supplier statement reconciliation, a report is generated by EzzyBills. The report is a dynamic file. At the end of the report, you will find the “Reprocess the Statement” link.  If you want to click it in the future in order see an updated report, you can. The report will be refreshed. Super convenient.

Date: 22-November-2021

View All My Approvals:  in the approval email that we sent to you, you will find a new link “View All My Approvals”, under the approval buttons. If clicked, you will see the all the recent approval requests for you.

Date: 16-November-2021

Address Extraction:  EzzyBills extracts different address blocks data from invoices. if you use a custom workflow not related to any accounting software, you will see the address in the variable “form_data” (example provided in the link).   If your workflow is related to Xero, Quickbooks etc, these data may not be saved in the form_data.

Date: 15-November-2021

Ignore AP account that contains “old” for QuickBooks users:  QuickBooks allow user to create multiple AP accounts, which is not recommended and used rarely. EzzyBills will ignore the AP account that contains “old”, thus the correct one is used. 

Date: 15-November-2021

Show the correct currency of your locale:  in the approval email requests,  the totals are shown in your local currency, rather than $. For example, assuming your locale is Rawanda, the amount will be shown as RF.  (work on everywhere except Mobile devices – will be done soon)

Date: 8-November-2021

Adding sell price when creating an item in Xero: Ezzybills can create a new item for you in Xero. Generally it will only have the purchase price for the item but if you would also like the sell price from the invoice you can add a learning rule to do so. Example screenshots: Invoice, learning, Xero item

Date: 18-October-2021

Integration with Triumph:  EzzyBills is now integrated with a new accounting and ERP Software Triumph. Find out more

Date: 16-October-2021

Instant “Refresh”:  an new EzzyBills App “Refresh” can be used to instantly retrieve new data from connected accounting software, such as Xero, Quickbooks and MYOB etc. 

“Debug” flag: a “Debug” flag is available to enable for EzzyBills support team for “Xero Export”.  Screenshot

Date: 13-October-2021

5th-level approval:  in EzzyBills Workflow, the 5th level approval is added with two tasks (“Submit Approval5” and “Approved5”).

Date: 12-October-2021

Account code for Freight and extra charges:  they will be determined using your invoice history in your accounting software. So far it works for Xero and QuickBooks integration, for both purchase and sale invoices.

Debug setting for “Xero Export”:  with this setting, the “log” will contains more information. Please use only when needed.  screenshot

Date: 11-October-2021

User Interface for “Workflow”:  several updates were made recently. The latest one during last week containing multiple changes to make the UI more intuitive and easy to use. More changes will be made in this week.

Date: 10-October-2021

automatic invoice sending: we now send an EzzyBills invoices automatically after the purchase is made.

Date: 27&29-September-2021

Choose any country during sign-up a new EzzyBills account: now you can choose from a large list of countries – the tax rate will be allocated based on your country  (where: it is a setting for workflow task “Extract”, which can be manually provided, such as “18%”). 

When the invoice is exported to Xero and QBO, we will search for this tax rate.

In case there are multiple tax codes with the same rates you can specify which one to use for the workflow task “Xero Export”. (This feature was created about two months ago).

Date: 13-September-2021

Simpro new feature: we now support Vendor quantity in Simpro. If a bill from supplier contains 1 item but the vendorQty (for this part in Simpro) is 10 then Qty will get converted to 10 when the bill is exported to Simpro by EzzyBills.

Notes: This is applicable to part where the Simpro VendorQty is set to be an integer N, which bigger than 1 (eg. 10),  When you create a PO, you put in your Qty n (eg. 20), Simpro converts it to  n/N (eg. 2) when emailing the PO to the vendor. When the invoice comes to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will covert the vendor Qty from n/N (eg. 2) back to n (eg.20).

Email hyperlink and workflow – bug fixing:  Fixed the bug when extracting invoices from an email hyperlink – now workflow is assigned (previously the active workflow is used).  Similar bug was fixed weeks ago, related to auto-separation.

Date: 12-September-2021

1. EzzyBills Phone App – “Review Receipts”: a fix has been put in so that this setting can be used in conjunction with the “List of Users/Approvers” table.

2. Email aliases are now supported in EzzyBills Phone App. Eg. if you add SALE to alias in the mobile ap then invoice will be treated as a sale. Eg2. you add to access a specific workflow with that “name”. 

3. EzzyBills Phone App –  set tracking/job In “notes” field. Then at the “modify” page for the checkpo/assign job/approval, we will pre-select this job from the dropdown if this job matches with one of the dropdown list we have. 

To use it, click “Scan Now”, then before scanning, click “+” icon on the top right corner to add notes – click the icon again to finish the notes. Then point the camera to scan.

Date: 11-September-2021

1.Tracking is added to the additional charges in Xero  (in additional to other lines on the invoice).

2. DEAR integration: a bug fix related to receipting a 2nd invoice to the same PO in DEAR. 

Date: 04-September-2021

Supplier statement reconciliation – learning and invoice number trimming:  we have added codes to handle table learning for statement, and four different trimming algorithms for invoice number. Typically a hint (INVOICE_NUMBER_IN_DESCRIPTION) will be needed for extracting invoice numbers within a description. Screenshot here.

Date: 31-August-2021

New subscription plans are updated.

Date: 26-August-2021

Purchase order matching: optional settings were added to “check PO Exist [276]” workflow task. This change is significant for Xero, QuickBooks, & MYOB users. It includes 1) amount matching threshold, 2) ‘RequireBillPOTotalsMatch’ setting: if you enable this, invoices won’t be receipted when the invoice total does not match the PO total with a tolerance threshold 3) require PO received for Xero as indicated by a Xero note “order-received” (not case sensitive. The note was manually created by a staff member in Xero when goods are received). Not fully tested for QuickBooks & MYOB.

Date: 17-August-2021

Simpro bug fixing: fixing a bug related to receipt an empty PO with invoices that has lines of 0 amount.  

Date: 01-August-2021

Simpro new scenario: support a new scenario: PO has one line, intended to be replaced by multiple invoice lines. (case 4 on this link)

learning rule in workflow task “Extract”:  now you can copy learning rule directly to the workflow without the need to use /”.

Invoice Due Date: now we extract the due date from the invoice. If the Payment Term is set in your accounting software for the supplier/customer, or it is set in Xero for your organizational settings for bills or sale invoices , we will use it. If payment term is not set in your accounting software, we will use the Due Date extracted from the invoice.  This new update is currently only available to Xero users. And will be available to QuickBooks soon.  more

Date: 21-July-2021

Simpro update: this update is to prevent merging of parts when prices are different, in the case: the same item codes are used on an invoice for multiple different parts. With “AUTO” set as the Default Item Code, we will create item codes based on the “item code”, description and unit price. (search: “if parts are same but prices NOT same”)

Date: 15-July-2021

Mobile app review mode: when the “Review Receipts” setting is turned on, we have made changes to speed up the waiting time for data to come back to you. The waiting time shall be in the order of 10 seconds. 

Date: 14-July-2021

Simpro integration bug fix: fix a pricing bug related to an invoice having multiple-lines with the same item code. Bug appeared only on the receipt, not the PO lines we created.

Date: 29-June-21

upload csv file for tracking: a new EzzyBills workflow task “Set Tracking” is now available to change extracted tracking data from your invoices to the tracking value in your accounting software. 

Date: 24-June-21

Invoices attached in MYOB: We now attach the invoices to the exported bill in MYOB. If you use EzzyBills approval, the approval notes will be attached as a PDF file. You do have the option in EzzyBills workflow setting to attach invoice file only or not at all.

Date: 14-June-21

Rounding tolerance setting is added for two workflow tasks: “Xero Export” and “Validate Invoice“.  The tolerance is the actual dollar amount, not a percentage. By increasing the tolerance, lines will be extracted in spite of a significant difference between total of all lines and the grand total. 

Date: 7-June-21

Bug fixing for Default Approver in Workflow: in EzzyBills workflow approval task “submit approval” for different levels, you can use the workflow rule to set “Default approver”. The feature is a few months old and a bug fixing has been done for it not to affect “List of Approver” table. 

Date: 5-June-21

New setting for “Refresh/Learn” starting date:  under EzzyBills Settings > Advanced Options > HistoryStartDate, you can set a start date for us not to pull history earlier than this date (example screenshot). Also, the history refreshing does have an internal system cutoff date. EzzyBills uses whatever the latest.  The use case is that you change your coding practice in your accounting software and want us to use only new history.

Date: 13-May-21

Update to Simpro integration: EzzyBills has made a major update to Simpro integration. This update is to handle unit price differences between a bill item and a PO item. 

Date: 10-May-21

E-Invoicing: EzzyBills is e-Invoicing ready, as part of Peppol network and an ATO registered E-invoice access point, EzzyBills clients can now receive e-invoices. 

Date: 10-May-21

Customer Ordering Portal: EzzyBills has released customer ordering portal. If your business wants to save time by asking your B2B customers to order directly from your ordering portal and the sale data going directly to your accounting software, this new feature is just made for you. Find out more

Date: 03-May-21

Approval Watermark: If the invoice is approved then EzzyBills will add a watermark to the invoice (including our DocID and who approved it.  

Date: 03-May-21

Extract item codes embedded in description: we now can extract item codes embedded deep in the description, not just at the start of the description, based on keyword.

Extract tax based on star (*) in description: for example for Woolworths invoices using learning hint to reinforce it. 

Header Description Extraction:  Extract additional description data not in the invoice table. And export the data in the line description.

Additional Charges: we have added two new charges to be included in the table. Options for with or without tax.  

Description Above: we can extract the between invoice table header and rows. Add this as additional description to the line description.

Date: 1-May-21

Workflow task “Change Part”: this is workflow task that you can upload a csv file containing a list of your supplier part numbers and your part numbers in your accounting software. With this list, we will be able to find your matching “item codes”.  Currently the csv file contains 3 column “Supplier Part”, “Supplier Description” and “My Part”.  Screenshot for “Change Part”  

Date: 1-May-21

Workflow task “Set Invoice Details”: this is workflow task that you can set many invoice data fields. Currently the list of fields include 1) job tracking, 2) GL account number, 3) bank account number for Spend Money transaction, and 4)invoice description. More will be added in the future. Example screenshot for “Set Invoice Details”  (note: how to find QBO category ID)

Date: 20-April-21

Add learning rule to workflow task “Extract”: with this update, you will be able to copy a standard “learning_data” to your workflow task “Extract”. An example is attached to extract invoice number from “N de facture” to handle invoice with duel language of English and French.

Date: 19-April-21

“Charge” description: with this minor change, the charge keyword on the invoice will be used as the description on the line for the charge (instead of the standard description of “charges-freight”).  screenshot

Date: 25-March-21

Level 3 & 4 submit approval level: this additional level for approving invoices can be efficiently when there are more than 2 people who need to approve an invoice.

Date: 17-March-21

Account Split workflow task: this will allows you to split a bill across multiple general ledger Accounts. It will remove all the lines from the bill and then add a line for each account associated with this bill.

Date: 16-March-2021

Expense Claim Email Approval: for employee expense claim (with “my expense” ticked, or with credit card last 4 digits provided in the “List of Approvers/Users Table”),  the employee and card are displayed on the top of approval email request.

In addition (an earlier feature), when exporting to Xero as Spend Money, the “name” will be displayed in the Reference field – see screenshot. (not supported for other connected accounting software yet).

For the case of corporate credit card (one card, with many sub-accounts), please follow this link here (search “corporate” on the linked page).

Date: 8-March-2021

SimPRO Job Cost workflow: this workflow is designed to allow costs to get uploaded to Simpro without having to manually create a PO. The workflow allows you to set the job cost centre. 

Date: 22-February 2021

Specify Xero tracking data during approval: we have changed the syntax slightly to allow you enter tracking options directly without specify tracking categories. 

Date: 19-February 2021

Upload foreign-language invoices to a separate workflow: if you have some invoices that are written in foreign languages (e.g, Italian) other than English, you can create a new EzzyBills workflow dedicated to this language. To access this workflow, email invoices to this workflow. The invoices will be translated to English before further processing.  

Modifying PO tolerance threshold: the default tolerance (30%) can now be modified and when the amounts of the invoice and PO matched; with some tolerance in difference, the invoice will be moved to Approved page. Otherwise, it will go to Draft page. 

Date: 08-February 2021

Invoice Price Checker: This workflow will help you to identify if there are price changes based on your uploaded price list. You can also check in reports, if there are more of your prices and invoices that did not match in the last few months.

Date: 20-December 2020

Duplicate checking for receipts:  for receipts, we may not do duplicate checking if it is classified as a “receipt”. However, if a proper invoice number was assigned during approval, we will do duplicate checking. This works for Xero, MYOB  and QuickBooks.

Date: 30-November 2020 

New support of “Description Order” for Simpro users:  if you have created a Description purchase order in Simpro and the upload a bill to EzzyBills, EzzyBills can receipt in the bill to the PO as a “Description” Receipt: the bill details (such as invoice number, total and date) will get imported to Simpro, and the description from the PO will get copied over. 

Date: 29-August 2020

Repeating invoices for Xero users:  some Xero users prefer to set up repeating invoices template in Xero, and let Xero to automatically create a draft bill periodically. When the actual invoice for a supplier is uploaded to EzzyBills, we will look for a repeating invoice in the draft and replace it with the actual invoice.  

Date: 29-August 2020

Expense Claim Form processing: if you email your employee expense form to EzzyBills, with expense receipts (all as file attachment). We will process the form to your Xero or QuickBooks accounts as a bill, and attached the receipts to it. This is still in Beta testings. Any questions and feedback please email to 

Date: 24-August 2020

Hide disabled accounts in your HQ page: The disabled accounts in your HQ will be invisible by default.  If you want to see/reactivate them, enable in Settings > Advanced Options >  Show Disabled accounts

Date: 24-August 2020

Automated bill payment in Australia via the Bluechain App: Approve and track payments by integrating Bluechain with EzzyBills and Xero. Sign In to your Xero account in order to connect and link an organisation to Bluechain and EzzyBills. 

Date: 19-August 2020

Attach the email body to a bill in your accounting software:  When you email an invoice to EzzyBills, in the email address, append “.SaveEmail“. With this, EzzyBills will extract the invoice and save the email body as a pdf file and export both of them to your accounting software. Without appending the “.SaveEmail” alias, we will only export the invoice file. 

Date: 23-June 2020

Multiple workflows:  Now EzzyBills support multiple invoice workflows. This will allow multiple custom tasks to be done with ease.  You will able to email (where is your normal EzzyBills upload email address).

Date: 22-June 2020

New integration with Scoro (a work and inventory management software at  when a bill is uploaded to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will create the bill in Scoro and, in the comment field of the bill, the corresponding PO was noted. 

Date: 21-June 2020

Attach a “signed invoice” to the corresponding sale invoice:  this is a new workflow task “Invoice Attachment 312″. Currently only works for MYOB AccountRight & Essentials. This workflow task is to (1)read the invoice from the document and (2) attach the document to an existing corresponding sale invoices in MYOB.  In EzzyBills settings,  the setting ” Accounts Receivable Only (Sale Invoices)” needs to be ticked.  The new workflow needs include “Preextract3”, “Extract4” and “Invoice Attachment 312”.

Date: 18-June 2020

Support multiple currencies and languages on EzzyBills Phone App:  when a receipt is scanned, we record the “location” where it is scanned. This location is then used to determine the currency and its conversion rate to your Xero base currency. This is only for Xero users at the moment, and applies only to “Spend Money” transactions. (Note:  for bills, we also support multiple currency, however it is based on  the supplier’s Default Currency set in Xero Contact).

Date: 15-May 2020

MYOB Essentials:  we now have integrated with MYOB Essentials. All features for AccountRight are available to Essentials.  

Date: 10-May 2020

Spend Money for foreign currency (Xero only at the moment):  We have added support for Currency conversion of Spend Money transactions. 

Date: 19-April 2020

Dear Inventory:  we now have integrated with DEAR System Cloud Inventory. 

Date: 4-April 2020

Simpro: (1) we now support Credit Notes to Simpro . (2) add Default Item Code to handle the supplier invoices that use the same item codes for all items.

Date: 3-April 2020

Supplier Matching for QuickBooks users: more comprehensive, including using reference number from 1st line of the note.

Date: 3-April 2020

Approval rules: one more approval rule is added – “If uploaded to List of Approvers (Direct Approval) then skip Workflow approval yes (yes/no)”.

Date: 28-March 2020

  • Approval Rules: you can now set approval rules for EzzyBills approval level 1. 

Date: 27-March 2020

  • Allow EzzyBills account Admin to override default approvers or approval rules: this can be done on each invoice manually in case that the approver is temporarily unavailable.
  • To do so: under “Search/Approve“, select an invoice, then click “Cancel“. Then it is ready to be approved by the Admin person on the spot, or Email Approval out to someone else in your company.

Date: 14-March 2020 

  • Workflow task: Customize Invoice.
  • sub-task name: “COMBINE DESCRIPTION DISCOUNT COLUMNS” Now, we can export the “discount” column to your accounting software, as a note in the description column.
  • Sub-task name:  “TABLE FROM CUSTOM VALUES“.  Use a learning rule to create rows, and then combine the rows within the workflow task “Customise Invoice“.

Date: 10-March 2020 

  • Add additional support to sale invoice due date for Xero users. 
  • Now, we use the due date you set in your Xero Organisation  if the due date is not set for the customer in Xero 

Date: 8-March 2020

  • Support USA sale tax when processing sale invoices to QuickBooks OnlineQBO in USA is different from other countries in term of sale tax handling. We have added the support of both the new and old methods of setting up sale invoices in QBO for USA.
  • In addition to USA, we also support QBO for Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Date: 10-Feb 2020

  • Match bills with purchase orders in QuickBookswhen you upload a bill (supplier’s invoice) to EzzyBills, EzzyBills can find the matching purchase order in QuickBooks and close it automatically for you. Changes in Settings are required.  
  • Same features are also available for Xero, MYOB and Simpro users.

Date: 31-Jan 2020

  • Duplicate detection for Simpro when an invoice is updated to EzzyBills, the invoice number will be checked before using it to receipt a PO. If this invoice number has been used for receipting the same PO previously, this invoice will be ignored.

Date: 30-Jan 2020 

  • Update: supplier statement reconciliation for Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks users
  • This update makes this function available to MYOB and QuickBooks users, in addition to Xero users.
  • How to use: email statement files as attachment to, where is your normal email upload address.
  • EzzyBills will check the status of each invoice listed and  generate a statement reconciliation report (which is available to download when logged into EzzyBills – web portal)

Date: 19-Jan 2020

  • Updates of Simpro integration with EzzyBills:  including
  • New default workflow with Conditional approval (when matching Purchase Order is not found in Simpro)
  • A EzzyBills setting to allow new item codes to be created if not in your Simpro catalogue, which will include the trade price of the showem.

Date: 31-Dec 2019

  • Download Historyyou can now download invoice history via the web app.

Date: 31-Dec 2019

  • new EzzyBills Setting – Guess Item Code (Description Matching)you can now turn it off/on. Find it under the setting Allow Stock Invoices.
  • When it is off, description matching is disabled and only exact item codes matching is used by EzzyBills.

Date: 30-Dec 2019

  • support Spend Money transactions (for MYOB users)it is now available.

Date: 29-Dec 2019

Date: 14-Dec 2019

  • Email Sync:  you can now sync your Office 365 email to EzzyBills directly.
  • To Sync: Login to your email, click the “Sync” link (in the Drag/Drag or Email box).  You will have three options: Automatic, Manual, NO.
  • For Manual, just drag and drop emails to the folder “EzzyBills” (which is created automatic after the step above).
  • For Automatic, EzzyBills will process you “Inbox“: the bills processed will be moved to the folder “EzzyBills” in the sub-folder “Bills“, and statement to the sub-folder “Statements

Date: 7-Dec 2019

  • Batch Approval:  if you enable a single level EzzyBills Approval (not via email), then this is for you.
  • To use this:  Login, click Approval/Search, then Batch Approval on the left panel. It is fast and efficient.
  • You can approve up to 10 invoices in one go.

Date: 30-November 2019

  • Sale invoice customer identification:  we now add one additional method for sale invoice customer identification – from customer address block.
  • To enable this, use “EXTRACT_FROM_ADDRESS” as the Customer Keywords in EzzyBills Settings  (under Advanced Options).

Date: 30-November 2019

  • Foreign Invoices with Different Date Format:  we now support supplier invoices with a foreign date format. For example, a UK business receives an invoice from a US supplier, with a date format in the form of mm/dd/yyyy.
  • Please email to with a DocID or a sample invoice, we will be able to add a learning to support this.

Date: 24-November 2019

  • Match multiple bills to the sample PO in simPro: this feature is now supported for the PO in simPro no matter the PO is originally empty or not-empty.
  • If the PO in Simpro is empty, we will keep inserting new items from the bills until the PO is manually closed.
  • If the PO in Simpro is not empty, we will keep receipting items – when all items are receipted, it will close automatically.

Date: 23-November 2019

  • Unit Price Adjustment:  a new workflow task, Price Adjustment, is now available.
  • It is used when a business buys from the supplier and sells immediately to a customer. So the supplier’s bill can be uploaded to EzzyBills, as a sale invoice. EzzyBills will create a sale invoice from the bill with a percentage markup.
  • Email to if you need this feature.

Date: 12-October 2019

  • Set up a Statement Workflow for supplier’s statement:   login EzzyBills via web, click Workflow. There you can choose a Statement Workflows, and STMT_RECONCILIATION. Then click “switch to this workflow”.  
  • With this, If you upload a supplier statement in the same way as you upload invoices, we will process it, conducting statement reconciliation based on your data in your accounting software. If invoices are missing or prices are different, we will email you.

Date: 6-October 2019

  • New EzzyBills Settings:   login EzzyBills via web, click Settings, then Advanced Options, click E-mail me the EzzyBills Mobile HowTo just above the Mobile Passcode.
  • Then we will email you a PDF file containing the instruction – you can forward this to a user (a client or a staff) of this account.
  • Note: This instruction is for only one specific account, not a generic one for all accounts  (as the QR code contained in the instruction is for one specific EzzyBills account).

Date: 2-October 2019

  • New update of EzzyBills Android Phone App. High recommended, with new feature –  support multi-page invoices  (with a setting – turn this option on/off).

Date: 23-September 2019

  • New update of EzzyBills iPhone App. High recommended, with bug fix and new feature – support multi-page invoices  (with a setting to turn this option on/off).
  • New update of EzzyBills Android Phone App. High recommended, with new feature – allow multiple aliases for the same user name (login multiple times – each then set with a different alias).

Date: 20-September 2019

  • New option:  for EzzyBills to email file attachment to MYOB In Tray automatically. When you upload a bill or receipt to EzzyBills, EzzyBills will send a copy of the file to your MYOB In Tray. You can then manually attach the file to the bill.  

Date: 12-September 2019

  • New feature: “sale invoice credit note” (i.e., “sale credits”) to Xero: Now when you process sale invoices to Xero, we will determine automatically whether it is a sale credit. If no, we will process it as a normal sale invoice, otherwise as a sale credit.

Date: 5-September 2019

  • Employee Expense Claim for MYOB users:  we now support employee expense claim for MYOB. This feature is also available for Xero and QuickBooks users

Date: 22-August-2019

  • Update item matching for MYOB: in addition to item code matching (exact match), we have added description fuzzy matching. This is useful in case that your item codes are different from the supplier’s item codes.

Date: 11-August-2019

  • Update on HQ Dashboard: we now include subscription usage for each of your clients, for different time periods (this month, last month, …). The usage can also be downloaded as a CSV file.

Date: 4-August-2019

  • Email handling system update: better email management, with original upload emails appearing in the invoice processing Log.
  • Update on Search/Approve page: Search results are now in time order; UI update.

Date: 30-July-2019

  • New Setting: Email Approval Buttons . Optional. If not set, standard buttons will be used.

Date: 29-July-2019

  • New update of EzzyBills iPhone App. High recommended, with many new features: 1)better scan image quality; 2)aliases (if set) are remembered for multiple EzzyBills accounts; 3) the same EzzyBills account can be added multiple times each with different alias. It is all done in the Setting of the app. Note: the Alias field can be kept empty or set.

Date: 25-July-2019

  • Sale invoice item codes extraction for QuickBooks Online. This is for customers that manage inventory on QuickBooks while their sale invoices are created outside of QuickBooks.

Date: 05-July-2019

  • “Convert Invoice to Tax Free”. This is a new EzzyBills Setting, under Advanced Options. This supports non-GST/VAT registered businesses – we will export all bills as Tax Free to Xero or QBO. The invoice total will include the tax (but with tax code as tax free). Available for both Xero and QuickBooks users.

Date: 01-July-2019

  • Default tax code in Xero Contact. It will get used if there are a few tax codes in your Xero with the same rate, but you prefer to use a particular one (that you set in your Xero Contact for this supplier). One example is “VAT Free” or “No VAT”  (both has 0% VAT): if “No VAT” is set in Xero Contact for this supplier, it will get used, instead of “VAT Free”.

Date: 23-June-2019

  • New update to EzzyBills iPhone App: add login with QR code, and some UI changes.
  • NetSuite: more comprehensive support to exporting bills and matching PO to NetSuite.
  • Email Approval: add 1st approver data to the 2nd approver’s email.

Date: 20-May-2019

  • Login to  EzzyBills App using QR code:  allow your clients or staff to login to EzzyBills App without the password.
  • Set GL Code at Approvals (optional): if you put it in, we will use it. Otherwise, we will set it automatically based on your invoice history.
  • EzzyBills HQ account to hold multiple EzzyBills groups.

Date: 8-March-2019

  • Subscription Payment Gateway – Stripe:  Login to EzzyBills and click “Buy” top menu.   You will see Pay with Card link for each subscription plan. You will be asked to pay with a credit card.
  • Alternatively, you can still use the PayPal option – scroll to the bottom of page, click the “or Pay with PayPal” link to pay with a  PayPal account.

Date: 8-March-2019

  • Folders in Search/Approve:  Login to EzzyBills and click “Search/Approve” top menu.   You will see folders, one for each supplier (currently limited to the largest 20). The sorting of invoices within each folder are yet to be finalized.

Date: 23-February-2019

  • EzzyBills Review: This is a post review process, post of bills/receipts data being exported to your accounting software.  To use, login to EzzyBills, click Settings, then Enable Review and Save Settings.

Then when you click the top menu Search/Approve, click Waiting Review to show the document that need to be reviewed. This is particularly useful for QuickBooks Online users as the QuickBooks software does not have a folder structure to show users which invoices have been reviewed.

Date: 23-February-2019

  • Search/Approve:  After login to EzzyBills via web, you will see a new top menu “Search/Approve“.  This replaces our existing View/Approve function, with new searching technology and user interface. You can search into any invoice header data (supplier name, date, invoice number, amount and tax etc.).

Date: 17-February-2018

  • Export receipts to QBO as Expense

Date: 11-February-2018

  • Automatic Tracking for QBO users – support the tracking of Class, Customer, and Location

Date: 23-January-2019

  • Search:  After login to EzzyBills via web, you will see a new top menu “Search”. Click it to search your past invoices processed. Fast and relevant! It uses the best searching technology, into any invoice header data (supplier name, date, invoice number, amount and tax etc.).

Date: 18-January-2019

  • EzzyBills Workflow:  After login to EzzyBills, you will see a new top menu “Workflow”. Click it, you will see a standard workflow for your account. When businesses that need special workflow, we can now rapidly customize it for them.

Date: 13-January-2019

  • EzzyBills App Updates: EzzyBills App for iPhone has a new update on 11 January.   This update was to fix bugs on user login. Please update your app if you had a login issue.

Date: 18-December-2018

  • New Release: EzzyBills is now integrated with NetSuite. For bills and expenses. 

Date: 18-December-2018

  • Match PO with Bill:  new email upload extension (, where is your upload email) is added to support pulling supplier, item codes, account codes and job tracking from your PO in Xero to Bill.
  • We made several other code enhancement and bug fixing for Matching PO with Bill.

Date: 12-December-2018

  • New Release: EzzyBills App for your Android phone.  Download or search EzzyBills on Google Play Store.

Date: 10-November-2018

  • New Release: EzzyBills App for iPhone. Just released on 8th Nov 2018. Download or search EzzyBills on App Store.

Date: 31-October-2018

  • New feature: Email an invoice with extra attachment to Xero: use upload email, where is your upload email.
    • Email the invoice and extra attachments in one file (the invoice first, followed by others such as Delivery Docket or Quote). 

Date: 31-October-2018

  • New Integration: with Airtable.
    • EzzyBills exports bills to Airtable, in addition to your accounting software. In a case study, project managers compare actual costs in the bills we uploaded to Airtable with those they estimated, automatically.

Date: 16-September-2018

  • New setting for matching invoices with PO in Xero – Assume Purchase Orders Fully Receipted (for Xero users)
    • It is under Settings -> Advanced Options. By default it is off. When it is on, we will mark a PO in Xero as billed regardless whether the invoice total matches the PO total.
  • Copy tracking options and account codes from the matching PO to an invoice, for a line on the invoice
    • if there is a matching line description on the PO, we will copy the  tracking option and account code from the PO line to the invoice line.
    • if there is no matching line description on the PO, we will copy the most common tracking option and account code among all the lines in the matching PO, to the invoice line.

Date: 31-August-2018

  • Email extension for approval and expense claim (for all users)
    • When you or your employee email bills or expense receipts to EzzyBills, you can specify who it will be sent for approval. Simple and powerful.
    • With this, you will not need to use other expense app anymore.
    • This enhances our existing approval workflow (make it possible to approve only some document, not the others; and you can decide who to approve the invoice when it is sent to EzzyBills by email.

Date: 24-August-2018

  • Item invoice for QuickBooks Online, for purchase bills only (not yet for sales invoices.) 

Date: 3-August-2018

  • Email zip files to EzzyBills for processing:
    • If you receive an email containing a zip file (which may have one or multiple files in it),  you can forward to EzzyBills. We will unzip the file, and process each individual file in it.

Date: 2-August-2018

  • Upload Purchase Order (PO) to Xero:
    • If you use another program to generate POs, email the PO files to  ###.purchase@ezzybills, where is your EzzyBills upload email address, and they will be exported as Purchase Orders in Xero. 

Date: 27-July-2018

  • Google Drive for a EzzyBills group with multiple accounts:
    • If you have an EzzyBills group account (ie. multiple EzzyBills accounts under a primary user), then you can connect the primary user to Google Drive, then create an sub-folder for each EzzyBills account. Any document you upload into the sub-folder will automatically get uploaded into the EzzyBills Account with the same name. 

Date: 22-July-2018

  • You can specify tracking data at Email Approval:
    • When you receive an email to approve an invoice, click the button “Modify”, and then you will be able to specify tracking data.  This makes EzzyBills Approval tool more powerful.

Date: 18-July-2018

  • New Setting: Tracking Keywords for both Xero and MYOB users:
    • In the past, Purchase Order Keywords in EzzyBills Settings (under Advanced Options) is used for tracking as well as for PO number extraction. Due to the customer demand to use both tracking and PO extraction, we have split this option into two. 
    • The Tracking Keywords setting is now added,  used for tracking only.
    • This does not affect existing users: to ensure backward compatibility, if the Tracking Keywords setting is empty and we will use the setting in Purchase Order Keywords to continue to do job tracking.

Date: 29-June-2018

  • Two new features in EzzyBills Email Approval:
    • enhanced “Not for Me” button to allow you to specify another email for approval to be sent to. 
    • option for the approver to add an additional file attachment (such as a delivery docket) – available after clicking “Add Note” or “Modify” button. 

Date: 10-May-2018

  • New! EzzyBills Analysis
    • EzzyBills Analysis is a tool that will produce a list of invoices that you have processed recently, for which your review is highly recommended, with the data fields that need review highlighted. This is a new feature on trial. In the coming months, we will continue to refine it.
    • Benefit to use it? It will create a small list of invoices for you to review. It is highly recommended that you review all invoices, but special attention shall be given to these identified by the EzzyBills Analysis tool, and these data fields highlighted.
    • How to use it? Login to EzzyBills, click top menu “Analysis”. Then click the button “Start Analysis (Documents to Review)”. It will take a few minutes for the analyses to be created. You will then go through each invoice in the result, to make sure each has been reviewed and actions are taken. When all invoices are reviewed, click “Clear Analysis” basically to make them all as reviewed.
      • Note that For Xero/QuickBooks user, you will be able to click a link to Xero/QuickBooks to review it in your accounting package. Fast and Seamless!
    • Use it periodically: if you do it weekly, you will be able to quickly go through the review process. Note that each time you click the button “Start Analysis”, only the new invoices that have not been reviewed will be processed.
    • Future Development: EzzyBills Analysis will work closely with the EzzyBills Learning in the next phase of our development so that the number of invoices that require review will become fewer and fewer in time.

Date: 1-May-2018

  • New update on item invoices to MYOB users. If you enable “Stock Invoice” in EzzyBills Settings, when processing an invoice, new item codes will be created in MYOB if they are not there already.

Date: 8-April-2018

  • New! EzzyBills User Interface.
  • Summary changes are listed below.
    • EzzyBills Subscription payment button: top menu Buy.
    • Settings: now on the top menu.
    • Where is the Submit to Xero (or MYOB/QuickBooks) button: no button is required anymore. After the file upload, the invoice processing will automatically start.
    • How to refresh page or trigger an instant retry (for invoices that did not go through due to communication errors): Internet Browser/Chrome Refresh button ()
    • How to find the expiry date of my subscription: top menu Settings -> Show Usage
    • The “View/Approve Invoices” button is on the bottom of the page. Click to view more invoices and to approve invoices.
    • What is the Payments button (the last one) in the Settings: it is not for pay EzzyBills subscription. It is a new button, grey out currently for most users. It is used for automatic payment of supplier bills.

Date: 8-Feb-2018

  • New feature, for Xero users only: option to export bills into Xero as “Draft”, “Awaiting Approval” or “Approved”.

A new EzzyBills setting “Exported Status” is added for this feature. The default is “Draft”.

Date: 15-January-2018

  • New feature, for Xero users only:  export item code to Xero based on description matching.

Previously if you enable ‘Allow Stock Invoices’ in EzzyBills, EzzyBills will try to export item code of each line on the invoice if the item code exists in your Xero account; if the item code does not exist we will leave it blank.

Now with the change, if we do not find the item code existing in your Xero account, we will try to find a suitable one based on description matching.  If no matching is found from description match, we will leave it blank.

This is very useful if the item code on the invoice is different from the one you use in Xero; or item code is missing on the invoice.

If you add new item in your inventory in Xero, you will need to click “Refresh GL” in EzzyBills Settings so that EzzyBills will see the change you made in Xero immediately; otherwise, EzzyBills will ask for inventory item data from Xero once a week.

Date: 5-November-2017

  • New change, for MYOB users only, to matching a bill with existing purchase order (PO):  1) We compare the PO with the bill and if the totals are within 30% or the lines are approximately 80% the same then we will assume that the PO is Fully receipted and convert the PO to BILL (basically, updating the Order with the bill details). Previously we required a 95% match.  2) We also added an option to bypass the check and always convert PO to bill. All you need do is add the phrase   ezzymatch;   to the Jornal memo of the PO.  These were done to address customer comments.

Date: 1-November-2017

  • Deep learning algorithms have been refined and expanded during the last few months.  Now if EzzyBills customers  make changes in the invoice data in their account packages (such as Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks), EzzyBills will use this information to inform our invoice data extraction engine to learn from its past and improve upon it. The learning targets key invoice data such as invoice total, tax amount, and invoice number etc.

Date: 31-October-2017

  • For GL account code determination, EzzyBills has been using artificial intelligence to provide the most likely account code for your invoice.  We also support different account codes for different lines of an invoice.  The data that we are using for artificial intelligence include
    • Your past invoice data for description matching;
    • Default Account Code for the Supplier,
    • If none of above yield any suitable account code, we will guess account code for you ( such as most commonly used expense code, and best guessing for each supplier based on your invoice history).

(The last one is one of options in EzzyBills Settings; it is on by default.  If you un-check this option, we will leave the account code blank if we cannot find description matching and supplier default account code. This is only applicable to MYOB users. For other users, this option is always on.)

Date: 31-October-2017

  • For Xero users, when invoices are exported to Xero, EzzyBills now sends to Xero two files as attachment: the invoice file and the notes.  The latter contains the processing logs and approval logs.  We intend to improve the notes in the next few months to include comments/requests coming from our customers.

Date: 27-October-2017

  • When you forward an email to your EzzyBills upload email, if your invoice file is not shown as attached, not as a hyperlink, rather as a web address (such as, without being hyperlinked), we now support this.
  • In summary, if an invoice coming through via email, we now support the invoice file as
    • an attachment (PDF or images – one or multiple files)
    • within the email body,
    • as a pdf file downloadable via a hyperlink,
    • as a pdf file downloadable via a web address

Date: 24-September-2017

  • For expenses/receipts already paid by any of your company credit cards or bank accounts, EzzyBills now supports that you email them over to EzzyBills and we will export them into Xero as “Spend Money”.  If your EzzyBills upload email address is ***@***, you will need to email them over to ***.####@***, where #### is the last four digit of your credit card or bank account number.

Date: 21-August-2017

  • For supplier identification (or customer identification on a sale invoice), EzzyBills now uses the alternative name in your Xero and MYOB contact details in addition to the company name, email, phone numbers, and bank details.  
  • EzzyBills customers now can view their subscription history and download past EzzyBills subscription invoices, in Settings – Purchase History.
  • EzzyBills customers now can view and change the email address for their EzzyBills account (not the upload email), in Settings – Advanced Options – Your e-mail (click Save afterwards).
  • When exporting a purchase invoice to Xero, EzzyBills marks the matching PO as billed” and copy over the account code and tracking data from the PO to the bill. 

Date: 19-July-2017

  • EzzyBills integrates now with Google Drive – pulling invoice files directly from your Google Drive Folder called “EzzyBillsUpload” and moved the processed invoice files into “EzzyBillsDone”.  
  • Support to sale invoices has been added to QuickBooks users.
  • For Approval Process, we now support two-level approval process.
  • For Approval Process, the button “Add Note” has been added on approval emails. Your note will be recorded in the EzzyBills log.

Date: 8-June-2017

  • For QuickBooks Online users, we just added a link in the EzzyBills message window and View/Approve window, which you can click to see the invoice in your account.

(Note that the link only works if you have logged into the correct QuickBooks account.)

Date: May-2017

  • For Xero users, we added the support for EzzyBills to mark purchase order as “billed” if EzzyBills exports an invoice to your account and found a matching PO.  
  • Two new features with item invoices were added for MYOB users: default item code and supplier purchase layout checking. 
  • New option is supported for Xero users: you can now attached additional files to the invoice in Xero (in addition to the invoice file), such as a delivery notes. 

Date: 30-April-2017  EzzyBills has been integrated with QuickBooks Online!

  • EzzyBills is now available to QuickBooks Online users! It is a staged release. Currently it is available to only Australian users, but will expand to other locations soon. It supports bills (suppliers invoices), not sale invoices yet. 

Date: 10-April-2017  Customer Key and Reclassify

  • A new user setting is created for sale invoice processing: Customer Keywords The default keywords we use are “Sold To” or “Client” or “Invoice To”. If your sale invoices contain keywords different from the default, you can now specify them in the EzzyBills users settings – under the advanced option. This will ensure the accuracy of customer identification. 
  • A new feature/tool “Reclassify” is now available in the View/Approval window. This feature is for those document that come through emails and for some reasons they have been classified as “non invoices”. With this new feature, you can reclassify them as invoices and manually put in the data.   

Date: 20-March-2017  on EzzyBills Supplier Portal

  • EzzyBills supplier portal is now in the production.  The drive for this development is to allow suppliers to use a portal to submit invoices to you. When using supplier portal, the invoice data will be extracted by EzzyBills and the supplier can verify/modify the data before submitting.
  • The supplier portal can be on your business website or sent to your supplier as a web-link via email.
  • The supplier portal can be customised to ask for supplier’s input of their email, bank details, and description/note.
  • An approval address can be included in the portal so that the invoices will be sent to the right person in your company to approve.
  • EzzyBills supplier portal is powerful, versatile and make differences to some of your business.

Date: 13-Feb-2017  on user interface

  • EzzyBills user interfaces are now unified for XERO and MYOB users. Now the only difference is the button “Sent to ????” button, with ???? either as “xero” or “MYOB”.
  • Nearly all features available for XERO users are also available for MYOB users – with only one exception – “Invoice Headers Only”.

Date: 15-Jan-2017  on sale invoices

  • Sale Invoices are supported by EzzyBills for MYOB users (as well as for XERO users).

Date: 15-Dec-2016  on View/Approve

  • log” is a newly added link,  in the View/Approve user interface.

Click it to see what have occurred to an invoice.  It is very handy – such as to find out who has approved the invoice.

  • “Not For Me” is a new button in the approval email.

Clicking this button will put the invoice back in the queue for another person to approve.

  • Re-process”  is a new button in the approval email, only for when the default approval email is set in the EzzyBills User Settings.

Date: 11-Dec-2016  on user Settings

  • Change in the user interface for EzzyBills user Settings – open user settings in a separate tab.

Date: 17-Nov-2016

  • All receipts will be exported to Xero/MYOB wth Due Date equal to the Invoice/Receipt date.
  • Support for a contact default tracking for Xero users (Eg. If a supplier has default purchase tracking info set, then this will get added to the invoice/bill in Xero. This will override other tracking algorithms.)  

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