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EzzyBills User Guide

1. Upload sale invoices

Methods for uploading Sales Invoices:

  1. Email to  (where is your normal EzzyBills Upload Email)
  2. Login to EzzyBills, click Dashboard, click the dropdown arrow in the upload area, drag/drop to “Sale” box (screenshot).
  3. Enable “Account Receivable Only” in your EzzyBills Settings (if you only process sale invoices). more
  4. Allow EzzyBills to automatically determine the invoice type (sale invoice vs. supplier invoice) by change setting: Settings > add “Detect Accounts Receivable Keyword” more
  5. If you use email sync, there is an email rule that can be used for processing sale invoices automatically (Email > Email Rules)

Sale invoice header data

EzzyBills extracts invoice header data from a sale invoice:

  • customer & customer matching (more)
  • invoice number (more)
  • invoice date
  • invoice due date
  • account code
  • tracking (optional)

Sale invoice table data (lines)

By default, if lines data have been extracted from a sale invoice, we will export to your accounting software with lines. Lines data include:

  • Item code (optional)
  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • GL Account Code
  • Tax rates
  • Tracking (optional)

Reason for lines are not extracted:

  • No table on the invoice
  • Table data extracted do not match the invoice header data, in term of amount and tax.
  • Header data only is specified in settings

Need help?

Email to for help. For fast response, please

  • reference DocID for any invoice you uploaded to EzzyBills.

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