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EzzyBills User Guide

Receipt purchase order items in Xero

When you upload a bill, EzzyBills can find the matching purchase order (PO) in your Xero. Find out how

One advanced option is to let EzzyBills write notes on the matching PO, to include invoice number, which items and their qualities on the bill.

I. How to enable this advanced option

Login EzzyBills,

  • go to “Workflow“, on the active workflow, click “Xero Export” workflow task, and copy and paste the text below to the setting textbox below. Save.
  "state": 146,
  "keywords": [
      "name": "setPOLineIfReceived",
      "value": "true"

II. How does it work?

1. You upload a bill to EzzyBills, with item details below

2. EzzyBills finds the matching PO Xero, marked it as billed, and write out the details of the bill in the section “History & Notes” below the PO lines.

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