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EzzyBills User Guide

A Example of EzzyBills uploading a bill to NetSuite – with PO matching

In this example, there are two items on the PO, and two same items on the bill (i.e.purchase invoice). The bill was uploaded to EzzyBills, and EzzyBills exports the bill to NetSuite and receipt the PO line by line.

1.The example bill that was uploaded to EzzyBills

2.The bill created by EzzyBills, with all the item lines, matching with a PO in NetSuite

  • EzzyBills sends the file to NetSuite and attached to the bill
  • EzzyBills matched with the Purchase Order in NetSuite

3. The Purchase Order in NetSuite has been fully billed by EzzyBills

  • In the “Related Records”, you will find the link to the bill.
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