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EzzyBills User Guide

Expenses on corporate credit cards


In this use case, the business has a corporate credit card, which is shared by all the employees. Under this header account (corporate card), there are many individual card numbers – one for each of the employees to use.  In the accounting software, you  set up one single credit card account for the corporate credit card (header account). If you have set up automatic bank feed, the transactions from all the individual card numbers will come to this single account.

Each employee can upload their expense receipts to EzzyBills via email or the EzzyBills mobile app. These expense receipts will be exported to your accounting software by EzzyBills, as a spend money transaction under this bank account.

Set up employee expense cards in EzzyBills

1. Go to your EzzyBills Settings, and click the “Approval & Expenses” tab at the top.

2. In the “List of Users/Approvers” table you will need to set up all the individual employee cards under your header account.

  • The “Name” can be the individual account number (as per the screenshot) or the staff’s name.
  • The “Approver Email” is who will approve the expenses on the individual employee accounts (eg. Manager)
  • The “Business Bank Account” is the last 4-digits of the corporate card (this is the corporate card set up in your accounting software).
  • Ensure you click “save changes” just under the table. Once saved, EzzyBills will generate a unique “Upload Email” for each employee.

Upload receipts by employee

How to upload expense receipts to EzzyBills?

For employees,  to scan receipts, they can either

  • use the EzzyBills Mobile App (see below for more details), or
  • simply forward the receipt  to EzzyBills via the “Upload Email” that is generated in the table above.

How to use the EzzyBills Mobile App to scan receipts?

  • Click the “Gear Box” – add Alias Name (which is the “Name” field in the List of Approvers table in EzzyBills Settings) for that employee.
  • (back on the main page) click “Scan Now” to scan receipts using EzzyBills App.
  • The receipt will be uploaded to EzzyBills and then exported to your accounting software.
  • There is also an option to “Review Receipts” before they are sent to your accounting software. Once this is ticked, the invoice data will come back to the employee’ phone app for review – once approved, it will be sent to EzzyBills.
  • EzzyBills will then email the approval to the email address in the “List of Users/Approvers” table.

Approval of receipts by managers

The manager, whose email address is specified in EzzyBills, will receive an email to approve expenses. A sample email is provided below. The manager can click “Approve” button to approve, or click “Modify” button to review then approve. Or Click “All My Approvals” at the bottom of the email to open it on a web browser to view/approve all approvals sent to this email.

Export receipts to your accounting software

Below, shows a screenshot of a Spend Money transaction exported to Xero by EzzyBills.

  • The “Name” that you set up in the EzzyBills List of Approvers table is provided in the “Reference” box, followed by the invoice number, if there is one.
  • This allows you to identify which employee this transaction is for.
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