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EzzyBills User Guide

Use workflow to set tracking

I. “Set Tracking” Workflow task

I.1 What is for?

If tracking data on the invoice is different from the tracking data in your accounting software, but there are 1-to-1 relationship, you shall add this workflow task to your EzzyBills workflow. And upload a csv file with two columns (the first column contains the tracking data from the invoice, and second column contains the tracking data in your accounting software, such as Xero).

I.2 Create new workflow and upload csv file

Login to EzzyBills, click “Workflow”, and search the workflow task “set tracking” on the left. Create a new workflow to copy from the current active one and add this new task. Make this new workflow active if you wish.

Below is a screenshot of this workflow task and some brief info

Click this workflow task to upload a csv file.

Below is an example of a csv file: first column in this example is the tracking text on the invoice, and 2nd column is the Xero Tracking option for location.

II. Use “Set invoice detail” Workflow task

“Set invoice detail” workflow task can be used to set one specific xero option for the workflow.

[screenshot: use “Set Invoice Details” task] in a new custom workflow, inserting it just after the task “Extract”. In the setting for this task, the tracking option “EAST” is set.

Example of use: a company in Xero has 4 tracking options (EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH) for the tracking category REGION. There have four different approval workflows for each region. Once each workflow, the tracking is set.

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