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EzzyBills User Guide

Shared subscriptions – enterprise plans

Benefit of Enterprise Subscription Plans

  • A single subscription payment is used by all the users under your group or HQ account. It is convenient and economical. The per invoice cost will be lower for such bulk buys, especially if you many light-usage companies within your group.
  • You will be able to access all the accounts with a single sign into your primary account.
  • You will be able to see the usage of each user under your plan – how many invoices were processed for each account, from which you then bill them accordingly.
  • Training is available on request via online media.

How to create EzzyBills accounts for multiple companies?

Each company will need its own EzzyBills account.  One of them can be used as a primary account; or a separate primary account can be created.

  1. Go to EzzyBills website to sign up your first free trial account (as the primary account).
  2. Create a new EzzyBills account under the primary account: login to the primary account, click Settings > Account Settings > Add New Account to ‘your’ Group. Then connect the new EzzyBills account to its accounting software.
  3. Repeat step 2 for all your other companies or clients.

You could choose individual EzzyBills payment plan for each account, or take advantage one of our shared subscription plans.

After you log into your primary account, all the accounts that you can access will appear in the drop-down menu at top right corner. You can toggle between them.

Grant account access to your bookkeeper (Join Group)

1. Log in your account. Go to Settings > Account Settings > Join Group. Enter the EzzyBills user name of your bookkeeper’s group account, click “Join Group”.


2. The primary account will receive an email regarding this request, click Yes to allow it.

Buy a shared subscription plan

Log in your primary account. Click “Buy“. Choose any of the subscription plan suitable for unlimited companies, and pay for the subscription.

Option to upgrade your primary account to HQ

HQ account is similar to a normal group account. The only different is that it has a HQ Dashboard to manage accounts. It has multiple groups.

To upgrade an EzzyBills account to HQ:  Go to Settings. Scroll down to Advanced Options and then scroll down to Upgrade to a HQ Account.

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