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EzzyBills User Guide

07. Processing item invoices to MYOB

I. Settings required

You will need to change EzzyBills settings, following instruction on this link: how to enable item codes and how item matching works at EzzyBills.

MYOB specific information can be found below on this web page.

II. How does it work for MYOB users?

When an invoice is uploaded to EzzyBills and item codes are extracted,

  • If the item code of the first line exists in your MYOB account, we will export this invoice into MYOB as an item invoice, with “Item Num” field filled automatically (this is item code matching). If subsequent item codes don’t exist then the export to MYOB will fail with an “Item Code Does Not Exist” error. You will need to manually add item codes in MYOB, and afterwards click the “Refresh” button in your browser to reprocess the invoice.
  • In addition to item code matching, we have added description fuzzy matching. This is useful in case your item codes are different from the supplier’s item codes. If we find a description match, we consider that the item code exists.

III. Use a Default Item Code or let EzzyBills create new Items in MYOB

  • If the default item code is set in EzzyBills Settings (under Advanced Options), and the default item code exists in MYOB, then we will export it as an item invoice (with all item codes set to the Default Item Code).  You will need to make sure the default item code exists in your MYOB account. If not, add it before using it.
  • If the default item code is set to be AUTO, item codes will be created by EzzyBills if they do not exist in MYOB and exported to MYOB.

III. Purchase Layout in MYOB

We also check the Purchase Layout of the supplier in your MYOB account. If it is set to be “Item”, invoices to this supplier will be exported as item invoices. If no matching item code is found for a line item, the default item code set in the EzzyBills Settings (and in the MYOB item list) will be used.

For example for NOLAN, if you set the Purchase Layout to “Item” (in Buying Details)

The bill from NOLAN will be exported as per below (note*: you need to set a Default Item Code in EzzyBills, and add this code in the MYOB item list).

IV. Matching bills with purchase orders in MYOB

With certain EzzyBills settings, the purchase order number is extracted from the invoice. We will look for this purchase order in your MYOB account. If the purchase order has an “item” layout, we will export the bill as an item invoice.

We will use amount and quantity to find the line matching – if we could not find the matching line on the PO, we will try to create a new item line.  If 1) item number is not in your MYOB and 2) there is no “Default Item Code” set as in Section 2, an error may be encountered: ‘[item-code-on invoice]’ is Not a valid Item Code (you will need to add to MYOB).

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