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EzzyBills User Guide

00. Document types & uploading

I. EzzyBills can process the following document types

  • bills
  • receipts
  • sale invoices
  • purchase orders
  • supplier statements (as invoices or for reconciliation)
  • delivery dockets
  • recipient created tax invoices
  • more options depending the software that we integrate with.

II. How to upload document?

To upload bills, or receipts as bills,

  • login, and manually upload (drag/drop, or select files). Files can be images or PDF file.
  • forward emails to EzzyBills
  • phone app scanning.

To upload other document:

  • login, in the upload area, click the dropdown arrow to expand,  manually drag/drop files to other document types.
  • forward emails to EzzyBills, with additional text in the email address, such “.sale” for sale invoices.
  • phone app scanning, with “Alias Name” filled with information required.

Advanced methods of document upload and management:

  • email sync
  • upload from Google Drive
  • save to Google Drive
  • upload from DropBox
  • save to DropBox

III. Line details versus invoice headers only

  • By default, EzzyBills extract line details from the table on the invoice.
  • If there are no lines, or we could not extract line, we will export to your accounting software with one single line or two lines for mixed tax rates.

Option to turn off line details extraction

For many businesses that no line details are required,  please turn on this EzzyBills setting:  “Invoice Headers Only”.

Or you prefer lines for most invoices. For some suppliers, you do not want to keep the lines, please email to our support team and we will turn off the line extraction for these suppliers.

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