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EzzyBills User Guide

EzzyBills Mobile Apps

Watch tutorial video

watch tutorial video

Download and Install EzzyBills App for iPhone and Android

Search “EzzyBills” to download and install.


  • Login with QR code (login EzzyBills on your computer, Settings > Account Settings > Mobile Passcode), or
  • Login with username or password.

Add accounts

You can add additional EzzyBills accounts, or add the same account multiple time, each with different settings (such as Alias Name).


  • Alias Name (used for scanning document to non-default workflows, scanning receipts to a company credit card, or scanning receipts for expense claims etc.)
  • Multi Page (turn it on or off)
  • Edge Detection (turn it on or off)
  • Add account (or Add with QR Code) (for adding new accounts to the app)

Scan Now

Option to add note

Use the pen or note icon, at the top right corner, before push the camera button to scan.

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