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EzzyBills User Guide

Tidy Integration

The integration between EzzyBills and Tidy will streamline your inventory management:  it will

  • Eliminate the data entry by using EzzyBills to import supplier invoices into Tidy
  • Automate the process of matching invoices with purchase orders
  • You will have the option of using the EzzyBills Approval process to approve bills before getting paid.

1. Connect EzzyBills to Tidy

Follow the steps below to set up a free trial EzzyBills account and then connect EzzyBills to your Tidy account.

Download the user guide in PDF

Step 1: go to and click the 14-Days Free Trial button to create a new account. Follow the prompts. Make sure to choose “Integrate With Tidy” as shown below:

Step 2:  Contact Tidy to get a webhook url.

Step 3:  Login to EzzyBills, click Apps, then click the Tidy logo, put the webhook url in the text box for webhook. click Save.

2. Import Supplier Invoices into Tidy via EzzyBills

After the connection is all set up, you can

1. upload supplier’s invoices to EzzyBills (via file upload, email, or the EzzyBills phone app).

  • EzzyBills will extract the PO number from the invoice, and look for the matching PO in Tidy with the same PO number.
  • If a matching PO is not found in Tidy, you will have the option to manually enter the PO number in Tidy.

2.  After the matching PO is found in Tidy for the invoice, you will have two options below:

  • Invoice Only is used when the invoice has been received, but the goods have not. The status is changed to “Pending Delivery”.  When the goods arrive, select the PO, check the details, and click “Receive PO”.
  • Receive Purchase Order is used when both the invoice and the goods have been received.
    Check the details and click “Receive PO”. This is the same as receiving the PO in Tidy. The goods will be added to stock, the invoice will be sent to Tidy as a Bill to pay, and GL accounts updated. The status is changed to “Processed”.

3. If the supplier invoice has been input into EzzyBills yet a PO has not already been created, Tidy will automatically create an after-the-fact (i.e. retrospective) PO equivalent to match against. This matching is done by the user in Tidy’s Process Receipt screen.

Find out more: download the user guide in PDF

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