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EzzyBills User Guide

02. Bills to QuickBooks

You can upload bills to EzzyBills via many different ways (email, drag/drop, phone app …). By default, we will assume they are bills.

General settings that affect bills to QuickBooks.

  • To ensure better supplier mapping: Go to Settings > Account Settings, enter “MY ABN/GST/VAT No.” and “My Company Name”.
  • Go to Settings > Account Settings > tick “Check for Duplicates“. with this ticked, we will reject duplicate invoices based on supplier & invoice number.
  • If you don’t need the table on invoices, you can turn on “Invoice Headers Only”.
  • If you often upload a PDF file containing multiple invoices, tick “Auto Separate”. Otherwise, leave it unticked.

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  • The account codes are determined based on your approved invoice history in QuickBooks.
  • You can change the account codes on the bills in QuickBooks, and we will learn from your change on weekly basis.

Example bills created by EzzyBills in QuickBooks

An example bill created by EzzyBills is shown below. All data are extracted include line details. By default, bills with be exported with “Category details”. To enable “Item details”, you will need to follow instruction here.

Below the lines, you will see attachments (the invoice file or scanned image is attached).

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