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EzzyBills User Guide

Enable Customer Order Portal

To use EzzyBills Customer Order Portal, you will need to change a EzzyBills setting to allow item/stock invoices and set up an order workflow. 

If you also process expenses and other documents via EzzyBills and do not want the setting change below to affect them, you should consider creating a new EzzyBills account just for processing customer orders.

  • Login to EzzyBills, go to Settings > Advanced Options, tick “Allow Stock Invoices”. (with this setting, sale orders will be exported to Xero with “item codes” column filled. Otherwise, the sale orders will not include “item codes”)

  • Click Workflow on the menu, choose “Order workflow” from the top dropdown list. Then click “New

  • Click “Choose a Workflow to Create” and choose “ORDER_TO_XERO” workflow if you are a Xero
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