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EzzyBills User Guide

Process Repeating invoices to Xero


EzzyBills supports Xero repeating invoices. If you creating a repeating bill template for a supplier in Xero, Xero will periodically create a DRAFT bill for that supplier. When you upload an actual tax invoice to EzzyBills, Ezzybills will look into your Xero Draft folder to see if there is a repeating bill from this supplier. So, if we find one, we will replace the draft repeating bill with the actual invoice data and attach the invoice file to the bill.

Alternatively, you do not need to set up repeating bill templates in Xero at all. Whenever you receive the tax invoices from the suppliers, simply upload to EzzyBills, we will create a draft bill for you in Xero. Many EzzyBills customers have been doing this way.

How does it work?

1. To create a repeating bill template- Login to Xero, click on Business > Bills to pay > Repeating. Click New Repeating Bill. Edit the repeating bill and Save.

2. Later on, when you receive the actual tax invoice from this supplier, upload it to EzzyBills. EzzyBills will look for all DRAFT bills generated by a repeating bill template for this supplier. If we find multiple matches we will update the most recent.

3. EzzyBills will update the matched repeating bill and the attach the invoice file to the bill.

Note: currently, we do not copy account code and tracking data from the “repeated bill”. But you can set these data in Xero Contact for this supplier, with the Default Purchase Account Code and Default Tracking data, then we will use them.

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