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EzzyBills User Guide

Custom fields for sales invoices in QuickBooks

EzzyBills can extract 1) PO number and 2) the ‘service Date’ column from sale invoices generated from outside QuickBooks and export to your QuickBooks.

How does custom extraction and export work?

1. First, these fields are enabled in QBO in Account settings

[screenshot below: “po number” is an invoice header field; “Service date” is a new invoice column]

2. To enable PO order number extraction

Follow the link here to enable PO number extraction in EzzyBills setting

3. EzzyBills will extract date column of data by default from your uploaded sale document. No action is required from you. After the sale document is processed, in EzzyBills, click “log” > “View invoice data” to see whether the data column has been extracted.

4. Edit the sale invoice workflow, edit the workflow task “QuickBooks” export, and provide the follow settings in Json format [screenshot below]. Please note the setting is text, but in Json format. You can change “po number” to whatever the custom field name in your QuickBooks, but keep the “POVALUE” as it is. Also, you can choose to use one of them, not both: such as only PO number, but not service date.

[screenshot below: “QuickBooks” export workflow settings]

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