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EzzyBills User Guide

OneDrive integration

EzzyBills is integrated with OneDrive, for the purpose of I) pulling files from OneDrive to process, or II) export processed files to OneDrive.

I. Connect to OneDrive and process invoices from there

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To setup connection to OneDrive and let EzzyBills pull bills/receipts files from your OneDrive, please follow the simple steps below:

1) Login to EzzyBills, click Apps.

2) Click the “OneDrive” icon. Below is you will see the instruction on how to connect to OneDrive.

3) Click “Email” on the left and click “Connect” if you have not connected to Office365. If you don’t use Email sync, keep “Disabled” setting on.

4) Click “Apps”, then click “OneDrive” icon, tick “Enable OneDrive”. Click Save.

5)Go to your Office365, then OneDrive, you will see that two new folders have been created by EzzyBills.

6)To test, drop a bill file to your OneDrive folder “EzzyBillsUpload” folder. This bill will be processed in a minute or less. Then the bill file will be moved to the folder “EzzyBillsUpload”. Login to EzzyBills, go to Dashboard, you will find the bill appearing there as one recent invoice tile.

II. Export to OneDrive

If you want EzzyBills to export all files (bills, receipts etc.) you have uploaded to EzzyBills to your OneDrive, you can add the workflow task “OneDrive Export” to end of your workflow.

To do so, create a new workflow by copying the existing one, rename it, and then add the task “OneDrive Export”. Then make the new workflow to be active.

[screenshot below: workflow with “OneDrive Export”]

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