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EzzyBills User Guide

Export to Google Drive

What you need to do? 

  • Connect EzzyBills to your Google Drive if you have not done so.  (instruction here).

For a group of accounts, only the primary account within the group needs to be connected to Google Drive.

  • Add a custom workflow (with an additional component of Google Drive Export) to each of EzzyBills account that requires this service (instruction here).

For a group of accounts, this needs to be done for the primary account and each of the other accounts in the group.

What EzzyBills will do? 

  • If you connect Google Drive to a single company, then will create a single folder, called My Drive > EzzyBillsExport  > (YourEzzyBillsUserName) 
  • If you connect Google Drive to the primary EzzyBills account in a group and each member of the group has a Google Drive Export workflow added, we will create multiple folders, one for each member account

(Example Screenshot below: in this example, we have an EzzyBills account, called ezzyqa, under this primary account, there is another account called ezzyuk)

  • The filename at export will contain (SupplierName)_(invoice number)_(amount in whole dollar)

(Example Screenshot below:  the top file in this example is from the supplier Bayside Club, with invoice number as 00026565, and the total invoice amount in whole dollar is $3060.)

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