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EzzyBills User Guide

05. Credit notes to Simpro

How to upload credit notes to EzzyBills?

Upload a credit note to EzzyBills in the same way that you upload a bill. EzzyBills will automatically detect whether it is a bill or a credit note.

After uploading, the credit note will be processed, linked to an existing “receipt” in Simpro. The linkage is required by Simpro.

How to view a credit note by EzzyBills in Simpro?

To find the credit note that EzzyBills has created in your Simpro,

  • login to EzzyBills, click the “SIMPRO” link on the document. This link will open up the credit note in Simpro if you have already logged in.
  • Alternatively, login to Simpro, open the matching receipt in Simpro and then click “Credits” tab (screenshots below).

A sample credit note is shown below.

Trouble shooting

In Simpro,  make sure the conditions below are met. Otherwise, the credit note exporting to Simpro will fail with a Simpro error.

  • the matching receipt needs to be already in Simpro.
  •  Also, on the matching receipt, “Item Received” needs to be ticked.
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