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EzzyBills User Guide

Q58: How to use the QuickBooks payment system, with EzzyBills invoice automation? 

QuickBooks Online is offering a new Bill Payment System for US users. You can use it along with EzzyBills Invoice Automation.

The steps are:

  1. Upload/email a bill to EzzyBills (EzzyBills will create the bill in QuickBooks for you automatically).
  2. Review the bill in QuickBooks and modify if required.
  3. Once the bill is reviewed/approved, schedule a payment for this bill in QuickBooks following steps below.  

I. Introduction to QuickBooks Payment System

You upload a bill to EzzyBills, the bill information will get extracted and exported to QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks Online is rolling out a new embedded bill payment service, powered by Melio, to U.S. customers using QuickBooks Online Essentials, Plus, and Advanced. It enables small businesses pay bills directly from QuickBooks and choose how vendors receive payment.

You can use this Bill Pay service to pay any bill from your expenses page or by choosing any bill on your Pay Bills list. When you set up new bills you can also just click “Save and Schedule” to start the experience right away. Watch this video at to walk through this step by step.

  • Options to pay a bill: You have the option to schedule and pay bills right from QuickBooks Online via bank transfer(for free) debit card (for free), or credit card (2.9% fee). By paying with a credit card, you can defer payments and earn rewards.
  • Options to choose how vendors receive payment: You can choose the method of payment a vendor receives: direct deposit or check.

According to Intuit, this is a safe service. You bank account, credit card, or debit card information will be saved safely for later use, as well as your vendor’s information. You do not need to type them every time. If you choose to pay by credit card, your card will be charged by QuickBooks and it will pay your vendor by paper check or ACH transfer. You need either your vendor’s physical address to mail a check or their bank account information of Route# and account# to use this service.

Time to take for vendors to receive the payment :

  • bank account to ACH will take 3 business days
  • card to ACH will take 1 business day
  • card/bank account to check will take 5-7 business days

II. A step-by-step example of QuickBooks bill pay:

1. Once you choose a bill to pay, QuickBooks asks you how you want to pay:

Bank account and debit card payment are totally free, there is a fee of 2.9% for credit card payment.

2. choose bank account:

Connect instantly with my Chase bank account:

Skip to select the linked QuickBooks bank/credit account, and Link my bank account.

Now your bank account is successfully linked. If you choose other method, similarly you link your credit card or debit card.

2-a. Next you choose how your vendor want to receive payment. If you have their bank account information, bank transfer(ACH) is faster and more environmental friendly by skipping printing/mailing paper checks.

If you choose to mail a paper check, now you need to provide a mailing address of your vendor:

Next you schedule a date you want your money deducted from your bank account::

2-b. If you have vendor’s bank account information and choose the ACH transfer, you need to

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