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EzzyBills User Guide

04.1 Xero Export settings for PO matching

Login EzzyBills, click Workflow, click the select the “Xero export” workflow task, you can

  • set the matching tolerance for the difference in amount between the invoice/bill you uploaded to EzzyBills and the matching purchase order in Xero.
  • set the export folder for bills with a matched PO to be “Approved” (i.e. Awaiting Payment).

Below are the step by step instruction on how to do so.

Setting up “Xero export” workflow task

  1. Login to EzzyBills.
  2. In navigation bar, click Workflow.
  3. Click “Xero export” workflow task of your active workflow.

4. Copy the “Setting” example below to the empty setting textbox. You can modify the default “value: 0.3” (which is 30%) to another percentage that you like. (For example, 0.1 is for 10%, 0.05 is for 5%).

Screenshot below: the example provided in EzzyBills (copy the text here)

Screenshot below: paste the copied text to the Setting textbox. Here the value is change to 0.2 for 20% tolerance.

Please note that, in the screenshot above, the second half of the text, for the name “IfPOMatchedExportAsApproved” is to set the export folder for bills with a matched PO to be “Approved”. If want to use the default folder of “Draft”, please delete related text (see the two screenshots below).

Screenshot below: If you do not want to change the export status of the bill, delete the texts highlighted in red below, including the comma (,) that is pointed by arrow.

Screenshot below: the setting to use to modify the amount threshold only

5. Click Save to apply changes.

The setting change is then updated.

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