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EzzyBills User Guide

Create Orders

Both customers and admin can create orders.  

  • For a customer, after login, click “+ Add Order”.
  • For the Admin, after login, click “Choose Customer” and click to select one.  (This customer name will show on the top right corner of the page).

Then click “+ Add Order”. Enter any text to search within the item name or item description. Select one from the search result. Enter Quantity. Repeat the step above to create more line items.

Click “Confirm Orders” (screenshot above).  In the next window, enter all the details

  • “Customer Order No” can be left blank.  If so, EzzyBills will create the order no for you, using EzzyBills DocID number.
  • Add freight options if required, then click “Place Order”.

The order then will be exported to Xero (or another connected accounting software that is in your EzzyBills “Order Workflow”). 

(screenshot below: In EzzyBills Dashboard, you will see a new document tile is created for this order)

(screenshot below: the sale order that is created in your Xero)

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