EzzyBills User Guide

13. Email Invoice with additional files to Xero

There is an email upload alias to support uploading an invoice, along with additional file attachments:

aaaa.InvoiceWithAttachment@ezzybills.com where, aaaa@ezzybills.com is your unique EzzyBills upload email address (replace “aaaa” with the one unique to your account).

  • If you don’t want the additional documents attached to xero then just use the normal email upload.
  • If you would like the the additional documents attached to xero, use this email alias.

Login EzzyBills, click the settings page you will see this, one of the standard upload aliases:

If you email your invoice to this address, and we discover a document that contains an invoice followed by non-invoices then we will treat the non-invoices as additional documents and attach these to the Xero bill.

Example 1: The email has a scanned PDF attachment, with contains an invoice followed by a quotation.

EzzyBills will indicate that the invoice includes an attachment

The exported Bill (in xero), will include the additional attachment.

Example 2: Multiple attachments, one is an invoice (assumes that only 1 of the attachments is an invoice).

The Invoice will get uploaded to xero, and the non-invoices will get attached to the Bill in xero.


  • If there is only one file attachment in an email, we assume an invoice, followed by its additional attachments.
    (We support multiple invoices in the file, but it is not recommended: followed by another invoice, and its attachment; and so forth.)
  • If there are multiple files in an email, we assume only one file contains an invoice, and all others are attachment. No multiple invoices are allowed.
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