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EzzyBills User Guide

04.2 Receiving and Invoicing PO in Xero


If you manage PO in Xero and would like to have two steps: goods receiving and invoicing, this is for you. Xero does not have a function to allow both steps – it only has one step for you to do which is to mark it as “billed”. However, there is a way to accommodate both steps with the use of EzzyBills.

Guides to set up

To use this, first you will need to set up a proper workflow, to include the workflow task

Then click “Check PO Exists” workflow task to edit the setting below. Copy and past the setting in the example and paste in the Setting textbox. Click “Save“.

The setting as shown below is xml text file.

How to upload bills to this workflow

With this workflow,

  • The order must be received before po check passes. If not then it will get error “CheckPO failed. Purchase order:### has not been received yet.” If the check is passed, we will export the bill to Xero and mark the PO as “billed”.
  • For a staff member to receive order in Xero, please login to Xero, find the PO, and add  the note “Order-Received” in the note (not case sensitive, but “-“ is required)

After the PO check fails, wait until the goods are received,

  • Edit the PO in Xero, and add  the note “Order-Received” in the note (not case sensitive, but “-“ is required)
  • Then login to EzzyBills, click “Search/Approve”. Click “In Progress” tab, or Search “checkpo failed” to find the invoice, and click “modify”. In the next window, click “Save” to trigger
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