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EzzyBills User Guide

06. Track Class, Customer, Location or Project in QuickBooks

EzzyBills can assign QuickBooks tracking data of Class, Customer, Location, or Project to a bill/expense.

When EzzyBills processes a bill or expense receipt,  tracking information can also be extracted if:

  • The tracking information is available on the document, or
  • There is other data that can help us determine the tracking information.

How to set tracking data on bills?

  • Method 1: User to assign the ClassCustomer, or Location during approval.
  • Method 2: EzzyBills automatically determines the tracking.
  • Method 3: Track project

Method 1: User to set tracking during approval

At the time of approval, you can assign the tracking code ( such as Class, Customer, or/and Location):

  • from the dropdown list, choose one or more trackings (such as choose both Class and Location), or
  • tick “New Tracking” and manually enter the tracking data: if enter more than one tracking, separate them by a vertical line (|).
  • An example below is “Export|Kingscliff Hills” (where “Export” is Class, and “Kingscliff Hills” is Location)

Below is an example of the bill exported to QuickBooks, with the class and location, as specified above.

Method 2: Tracking is automated based on data on the invoice

It can be done for class, customer, location or project. Only one of them can be done.

1) Class: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings

  • For example, a trucking company wish to track trucks. On the bill, there is the following wording:
    Truck Number: Truck A1
    (Here “Truck A1” is one of the classes in QuickBooks.)
  • Then in the EzzyBills Settings, under Advanced Options, the following tracking keyword should be set. Click Save Settings afterwards.

2) Customer: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings. 

  • If the customer is not found, or there is no keyword to indicate where the customer is, you can use the Invoice To address block
  • In this example here. The customer is specific in the invoice with the following wordings:
    Note: Property of 135 Sydney Street
    Here, “Property of 135 Sydney Street” is one of your customers in QuickBooks.

Then the tracking keyword setting should be:

3) Location: working from the Tracking Keyword in EzzyBills Settings

  • if no location is found, or there is no keyword to indicate where the location is, use the Invoice To or Deliver To address block.
  • To enable the Invoice To address block, you need to enable in Custom settings: adding “INVOICETO” or “DELIVERTO” to the TrackingType (see screenshot below)

4) Project: click this link for details

Method 3: Project Tracking

Click this link for details

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