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EzzyBills User Guide

01. Get started for Xero users

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Get Started Check list:

  1. Set up an EzzyBills trial account.
  2. Connect to your Xero
  3. Test connection and upload bills
  4. Change EzzyBills Settings (optional)
  5. Edit Xero Contact data (optional)
  6. Request custom extraction (optional)

Step 1: Setup an EzzyBills trial account

Go to to sign up a free trial EzzyBills account. In the sign-up form, choose “Integrate With” Xero.

Step 2: Connect to Xero

1.Go to Dashboard > “Connect to Xero

(alternatively) Apps > Xero icon > (scroll down to find and click the button “Connect”)

2.You will be directed to the Xero login page. Enter your Xero username and password to login (if you are not already logged in).

3. You will be asked by Xero to authorise EzzyBills to access your Xero Data. Choose a Xero company account, then click “Allow Access”.

Trouble shooting: what if you cannot choose a company?

  • In the above step, if you have multiple Xero organisations, generally you can pick one. But sometimes, when you try to select one from the dropdown list, you can see them but could not select any. Do not worry – Choose none.
  • Then click  “Continue with… organisations“ at the bottom.
  • In the next screen, you will be able to choose and then connect to it.

Step 3: Test connection to xero and upload bills

Go to Settings > Account Settings > Organisation (to view and verify the connected xero company)

To test, upload one invoice file. In seconds, you will see rectangular shape appear in the middle: it is an invoice tile, with texts showing the processing status.

When the processing is done, the title color will change to green color below. Click the link “Xero” on the tile to open the draft bill EzzyBills just created in your Xero account.

In Xero, it will appear similar to this one below.

Step 4: EzzyBills settings (recommended)

 For most users, the only setting changes that we recommend for all xero users are:

Go to Settings > Account Settings:

  • My ABN/GST/VAT No.”
  • My Company Name
  • enable “Check for duplicate”
  • Click Save Settings .

Step 5: Edit Xero Contact data (optional)

Add business number, such as ABN/GST/VAT number, in your Xero Contact. Set the Default Account code, Default Job and Bills Due Date.

Step 6: need help with data extraction?

If any invoice data are not extracted the way you want, please email to for help.

EzzyBills uses AI and machine learning to extract invoice data, with machine learning taking some time to work. If you want to resolve issues quickly, please email us. Or read the self help guides below.

Tip of the day:

for supplier matching, we use supplier business number or phone number or address in your accounting software to find the best match. Find out more by clicking one of the links below.

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