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EzzyBills App for iPhone and Android

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Expenses on the go

Use EzzyBills Mobile APP to scan paper invoices and receipts. ON THE GO. Never miss a document. No need to store them in shoe boxes any more. Tracking expenses has never been easier.

For employee expense claim and receipts spent on a corporate account, you will need to enter the “Alias Name” in the setting.


Automatic data extraction

  • If using default, all scans will automatically be sent to zzyBills, one page per invoice/receipt, with key nvoice data extracted.
  • If you choose “Review” mode, after a page is canned, the data will come back to you for Review nd then will be sent.
  • With a setting change, you can also scan multiple-page invoices.
  • You can even enter a note just before taking a shot, in which you can specify the job number.

Processing bills, expense receipts, and employee expense claims

By default, scans are processed as bills. But by entering an “Alias Name” in the setting, you can also process other types of documents, such as expense receipts (i.e., Spend Money), employee expense claims, and delivery dockets.

Use cases: