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EzzyBills User Guide

Process Expense claims Forms to Xero & QuickBooks


It is a common situation for an employee to submit receipts along with the expense claim form. EzzyBills supports this with the EzzyBills email uploading .withAttachment alias.

Alternative, an employee can use EzzyBills Phone App to scan each receipts. This method has been the main method for employee expense claim via EzzyBills.

Both methods of processing employee expense claim are supported by EzzyBills. It is up to you to choose whatever methods to use.

How to use it

Email the expense claim form and receipt files to the usual expense claim alias and appending .withAttachment in the email address. In the table below, I have setup an expense claim email for nik ( If I append .withAttachemnt, the email address becomes

Now if I email an expense claim form and associated receipts file, EzzyBills will analyse all the document file names and contents, and look for keywords like “EXPENSES”, “EXPENSE”, “EXPENSES RECLAIM”, “EXPENSE CLAIM” to identify which document is the expense claim form.

Example – Process Expense Claim Form & Receipts to Xero & QuickBooks

Lets consider the EzzyBills username testn, and the employee “nik” that is set up by the EzzyBills admin user in EzzyBlls Settings, under List of Approvers table. Each employee shall be set up in EzzyBills beforehand.

  1. Email the the expense claim form and receipt files to

To see EzzyBills in action, Login to EzzyBills, you will see the form and receipt files, each uploaded to EzzyBills portal and a document tile is created for each. See the screenshot below: the two blue tiles on the top are the receipt files that we have saved in the EzzyBills file storage and the green tile is the expense claim form.

This step is not required. It is simply for you to view EzzyBills in action.

When you click the Xero link on the green tile above, as the screenshot above displays, you can see the actual expense claim form has been processed into Xero as a Draft Bill (see screenshot below)

  • with employee name “nik” as the supplier name
  • with the two additional receipt files attached to it (as shown on the last line on the green tile above.

2. Login to your Xero, under the Draft Bill folder, you will review the bill created there for this (See screenshot above). Approve, ready for payment to your employee. .

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