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EzzyBills User Guide

04. Process contractor invoices to Simpro

Summary: you have created a work order for a contractor job. When the contractor sends the invoice to you. You upload it EzzyBills and EzzyBills will find the matching work order and create an invoice for this order. 

Workflow to use

“Simpro Contractor Workflow”

I. Enable Simpro Contactor workflow

Log in EzzyBills, click “Workflow”, click “New” and choose  ‘Simpro Contractor Workflow’, then click Create.

You can choose to “Set as Active workflow” if contractor invoices are all you will upload to this EzzyBills account. But more likely it is not so, and you this workflow’s email address (displayed beside the workflow name) to upload contractor invoices.

II. Upload contractor invoices and let EzzyBills match to a work order in Simpro

You can now upload contractor bills to this workflow above by emailing them to this workflow email address.  EzzyBills will

  • extract the contractor order number from the invoice and other invoice data, then
  • create this invoice linked against this order in Simpro and attach the invoice PDF.


In this example we will create a contractor order for a job then receipt in the bill for that contractor order via EzzyBills

  1. Create a job: in Simpro, go to Jobs and click “New Service Job”  (an example screenshot). Now a new job has just been created.
  2. Create a new contractor Order: Open the Job, then click Contractor> new Contractor Work Order.  Complete the details (in this case a surveyor to do a job, expected cost $445.5. We now have a contractor Work order number 228.  (screenshot).
  3. Upload the Contractors invoice to the EzzyBills Contractor Order Workflow (via email, or login – the drag/drop the file if it is the active workflow). (screenshot of the invoice)

EzzyBills will process it immediately. In a minute or two, you will see the status of this invoice on EzzyBills dashboard (hint: move mouse over the invoice tile to see the message)

  • If the contractor order is on the invoice and was extracted correctly by EzzyBills, this bill will be exported to Simpro on the matching work order.  
  • If the contractor order is not on the invoice, you will see error message like “CheckContractorOrder failed …”. The message shall explain the reason of failing. click “modify” to enter the order number manually and click “Save”. EzzyBills will then retry. 
  • If the contractor order number is on the invoice, but was not extracted correctly, please email the DocID to to add a learning rule.

     4. The invoice will be exported to Simpro like this:

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