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EzzyBills User Guide

1. Bills

By default, all document uploaded to EzzyBills will be processed as bills.

Receipts can be processed as bills. Your accounting software can match bank feed lines directly to bills.

For Xero users, bills are exported to “Draft” status by default.

I. Invoice header data

EzzyBills extracts all the invoice header data from a bill to your accounting software

  1. supplier (how supplier is identified in EzzyBills)
  2. invoice number
  3. invoice date
  4. invoice due date (how due date is determined)
  5. purchase order number (optional)
  6. tracking (optional)

II. Invoice table data (lines)

By default, if lines data have been extracted from a bill, we will export to your accounting software with lines. Lines data include:

  • Description
  • Quantity
  • Unit Price
  • Account Code
    • Account codes are determined by EzzyBills based on your invoice history and supplier data in your accounting software.
  • Tax rates/codes
  • Amount
  • Item codes (optional)
  • Tracking (optional)


  • for QuickBooks and MYOB, there are two bill formats: item and category. For category invoices, there are no “Quantity” and “Unit Price” fields.
  • Xero has only one bill format, with item code column optional.

Reason for lines are not extracted:

  • No table on the invoice
  • Table data extracted do not match the invoice header data, in term of amount and tax.
  • “Invoice Headers Only” is ticked in EzzyBills settings

III. Data extraction accuracy

EzzyBills is highly accurate in term of data extraction. For most bills, EzzyBills will read all data accurately with our AI technology.

IV. Automatic machine learning

EzzyBills has automatic machine learning in place. If you modify the bills that we export to your accounting software, we will learn from your changes and adjust data extraction in the future.

V. Email to us for “custom data extraction” requests

EzzyBills support team can add learning rules to customise data extraction. This is commonly done for supplier invoices that have unusual data formats.

For any supplier, if the data extraction has repeated issues, or you need special data, email Please reference the EzzyBills DocID number of an example bill that has been uploaded to EzzyBills.

Need help from our support team?

Email to for data extraction query, referencing DocID for any invoice you uploaded to EzzyBills.

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