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EzzyBills User Guide

1. Quick Start Guide

I. Sign up – free trial

Go to and click “Free Trial” button. The free trial will be for 14 days, up to 100 documents.

II. Connect to your accounting or job-management software

After login, click “Apps”, and select the software logo and click “connect” below. Make sure to choose the correct company if you have multiple.

III. EzzyBills Settings

Login, and go to “Settings”:

For most users

In the Settings window, for most users, the only things you may need to edit are

  • Enter your business number in “MY ABN/GST/VAT No

(comma separated for multiple numbers. This basically creates an exclusion list of suppliers with this number in your accounting software.)

  • Enter your business name in “My Company Name“.

(Comma separated for multiple names. Basically an exclusion list.)

  • Tick “Check for Duplicates“.
  • Click Save Settings .

Users that need advanced options

Go to Settings > Advanced Options, to enable the advanced features, with examples below

  • tracking items,
  • tracking jobs, and
  • process sale invoices,
  • match bills with existing purchase orders.

Users that need approval

If you need to approval invoices/receipts before they are exported to your accounting software: Click Settings > Approval and expenses.

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