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EzzyBills User Guide

03.1 Expense receipts in foreign currency to Xero

To process expense receipts in foreign currency to Xero as “Spend Money” transactions, we provide currency conversion:

  • by converting foreign currency in the Spend Money transactions to your base currency and then export to Xero.

(Please note that, Inside your Xero, foreign currency is not supported for Spend Money transactions, only for bills.)

How does work

  • If the Invoice (i.e. Supplier) is in GBP and your base currency is AUD, then we will convert the GBP to AUD before exporting to xero. The exchange rate is based on the invoice date.
  • How to detect foreign currency: we will use the Default Currency setting of the supplier in your Xero Contact to determine currency. If you don’t have a multi-currency xero account, then no conversions will occur.
  • You don’t need to change anything, this is now the default behavior.

Examples Screenshots

An invoice like this

will appear in xero like this.

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