EzzyBills User Guide

Use Case: Finance team to approve, then one of the managers

In this use case, a finance team member will approve first and they will login to EzzyBills to approve. During the approval, they will set the next approver, one of the three managers in the company.

I. Set up two-level approval workflows

  1. Go to your EzzyBills settings and click the “Approval & Expenses” tab at the top.
  2. Tick the “Enable Approval Workflow”. Tick “Two level approval”.
  3. Do not provide any default approver emails.
  4. Tick “Set Account Codes Before Approval”.

II. Create 3 workflows, one for each manager

  • Go to “Workflow”.
  • Create 3 new workflows, each time following the steps below:
  • Click “new” and choose the active workflow to copy.
  • Once it is created, click “Rename” to name it as “Steve”
  • Click the workflow task “submit approval 2”, below
  • Enter the Default Approver and click “Save Settings” below (screenshot below).
  • Follow the steps above to set up all three approver “Steve”, “Sam”, “Sarah”.

III. The approval process

1. Approval by the financial team

  • For a financial team member, log into EzzyBills.
  • Click “Search/Approve”, click “Wait Approval” tab. On an invoice, click “Approve” on the right column. Alternatively, click “All My Approval” (highlighted red on screenshot below).
  • On the next window, review/modify invoice data

2. Approval by the managers

After the financial team has select a manager and approved the invoice, the approval will be sent to the manager by email.

Each manager can choose to

  • approve one invoice per email.
  • Or on the bottom of each email request, click “All my approval” link below the buttons to open up a web portal to manage all approval requests to the manager.

Notes: If the financial team forgot to choose the manager during approval, it can be chosen this way: go to “Search/Approve”, find the invoice that is waiting for 2nd approval without email sent. Select it and click “Email Approve” on the top to email to anyone to approve.

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