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EzzyBills User Guide

03. Expense receipts to QuickBooks

If expenses are paid from your company credit card or bank account, you can process these as Expense Receipts to QuickBooks allocated to a bank account (or as a bill, which can also be reconciled directly to a bank feed line).

This guide explains what you will need to do to process these as Expense Receipts.

How to upload expense receipts?

  1. Email to EzzyBills, or
  2. Using the EzzyBills mobile app

Step 1: set up your bank or credit card accounts in QuickBooks

  • Login to QuickBooks. Go to Settings > Account and Settings > Advanced > Chart of Accounts > Enable Account Numbers (if you have not done so previously).

  • Set up a credit card or bank account if you have not done so. In here, you put in the bank account or credit card number in the field of “Number“, not in Description.

  • For any existing business credit card in your QuickBooks account, check: login to QuickBooks and go to Accounting > Chart of Accounts. Ensure it has a number specified in the “Number” field (screenshot above)

Step 2: Add Approvers and expense cards in EzzyBills

  • Login to EzzyBills, go to Settings > Approval & Expenses > List of Users/Approvers.
  • Click “Add approver” below the table, and fill in the first 3 columns of data as shown in the example screenshot below. For the “Business Bank Account”, use the last four digits of the credit card account number that is set up in yourQuickBooks.
  • Click Save Changes and it will generate an upload email address in the last column.

(In this example screenshot below, it is, where is a normal upload email.)

(In this example screenshot below,

  • Bypass Approval is ticked. This means that approval email will not be sent to the approver; the expense will be exported directly to QuickBooks.
  • You can choose to leave Bypass Approval unticked – which means an approval email will be sent. Only after an expense is approved, then it is exported to QuickBooks.)

Step 3: Email in receipts or scan with EzzyBills Mobile App

Email receipts

  • Compose a new email and add your bill as an attachment. Send the email to the email address generated in step 2. (example: for the screenshot above, the email address is

Scan receipts using EzzyBills Mobile App

Download the EzzyBills app from the App store. Login to the app using the same login as your EzzyBills account or login with QR code.

Select the Gear Box in the top right-hand corner. Then under Alias Name you will add the same name you set in the List of Approvers (Step 2). Then click the back arrow on the top left. You are ready to scan receipts. Click “SCAN NOW” to scan a receipt.

After emailing in or scanning with your phone, EzzyBills will process it and export it to your QuickBooks account in just a minute, as an Expense Receipt, rather than a Bill.

[Screenshot: an expense receipt exported by EzzyBills]

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